Camp Col Rafael C Rodriguez, Butuan City – Tired of always on the run, Three members of Communist New People’s Army Terrorist (CNTs) voluntarily surrendered to Community Support Team (CST) Special Force Team 703 Philippine Army of 7th Special Force Company (SFC) 3rd Special Force Battalion in cooperation, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 13, Provincial Intelligence Branch Surigao del Sur

Police Provincial Office and San Miguel Municipal Police Station, Surigao del Sur Police Provincial Office in Sitio Sangay, Brgy. Libas Sud, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur.

PBGEN Joselito T. Esquivel, Jr. PRO13 Director identified the surrenders as “RESCO”, 25, a Squad Leader of Squad 1, Sandatahang Unit Propaganda (SYP), Weakened Guerilla Front 19, Northeastern Mindanao Regional Command (NEMRC); “JL”, a member of Sandatahang Unit Propaganda, Team Leader of Sentro de Grabidad and Squad Leader of Squad 3, Sandatahang Unit Propaganda, Southland, single, 22; and “JOKER”, member of Sandatahang Unit Propaganda and Vice Team Leader of Sandatahang Unit Propaganda 1, single, all residents of Sitio Sangay, Brgy Libas Sud, San Miguel Surigao del Sur.

Resco, who surrender on March 4, 2020 brought a Carbine M1 Rifle, M79 Grenade Launcher and steel magazine loaded with 10 rounds of cal. 30 ammunition while JL and Joker surrender on March 5 and turned-in a Rifle M16A1, steel magazine and 20 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition.

“We wish to live a peaceful life with our family and do things like other normal youth have done,” says Resco.

“Forsaking the horrible life, struggles, and lies in the armed group is the best decision we have made,” the youngest rebel Joker said.

Caraga Police is joining hands with the AFP to pave way to surrenders like Resco, JL and Joker to return to the folds of the law and become beneficiaries of the E-CLIP since our government is extending hands to them with an optimal objective of lasting peace in the country,” said PBGEN Esquivel,Jr.