Women in Action: A female – led gov’t troops score against CTs


Just in time when the women’s month is yet to come, an early explosion skyrocketed the world when the news come out that a female officer of the Philippine Army nailed it again, had overcome stereotyping and further cemented of what a woman in the military can deliver as expected of a soldier.

A lady officer named 2lt Cielo Rose U Dolorican (Inf) PA showed strength and versatility when she acted as Platoon Leader of Scout Platoon, 2nd Infantry Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, together with some troops and the Milagros Municipal Police Station that had encountered more or less 10 Communist Terrorists (CTs) at vicinity San Antonio, Milagros, Masbate at six thirty o’clock in the morning on 17 February 2019. Isn’t it amazing for a woman to lead men during combat operations and rock it on?

With perfect execution of skill, uncanny wit and luster fate, said female-led platoon encounter yielded positive result with one (1) enemy killed and recovered high-powered firearms and explosives including one (1) M14, one (1) M653, two (2) IEDs and other subversive documents. To accomplish and win in combat for a woman particularly entails doubled or tripled effort, discipline and trainings over time to gain the military skills and tactics not to be outdone by the terrorists and enemies. It is not the typical 2Lt Rhian Bonifacio being portrayed by Angel Locsin in the ABS CBN’ top rating General’s Daughter Soap Opera but struggles, blood and tears in here are real. Specially that acceptance of female deployment in the field has put skepticism to some with traditional conviction that considers women primarily only for its reproductive and domestic roles.

This recent feat of 2lt Dolorican is a career-high for a female soldier who seldom had the chance to be deployed in the field of combat to exercise leadership as Infantry or foot soldier. Rarely does one have the chance because the society is blinded and imprisoned with the label that women are fragile and naïve and could not dwell on tough situations in the military arena that men dominates. Salute and due credit must be given as well to Battalion Commander of 2IB who widely open the opportunity for 2Lt Dolorican. Other field commanders might emulate the positivity and confidence in him for empowering female soldiers. The record will tell all that female personnel has reached almost 10% of the overall Armed Force. And it has continually grown because more and more women are competitive and smart these days.

In retrospect about more than two decades ago, this is not the first though that female soldiers had rang a bell in terms of military accomplishment from the very start when women were deployed to combat through Republic Act 7192 otherwise known as “Women in Development and Nation Building Act.”

Surely, this success story of 2LT Dolorican is an added feather to the cap. Her contributions will have significant impact to people out there who do not put greater value on women, and belittled their capacity in the peace building.

In addition, may this put women not only in the limelight again but notably stress out their strength, tenacity and courage that equals to that of men.

Sounds cliché but true, “Women’s empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights.” Give women a chance, only if we support women reached her potentials, she can do wonders and amazing things happen. #salutetojuana