CATARMAN, Northern Samar – Policemen of Victoria Municipal Station successfully repelled the attack perpetrated by undetermined numbers of Communist-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) 3:50 early morning today, March 28, 2019.

The policemen successfully defended the PNP station against the CNT attack that lasted for more or less two (2) hours forcing the CNTs to withdraw. During the attack, the CNTs conducted road blockades in Brgy Colab-og and Brgy Libertad, of said municipality.

Result of the failed attack were three (3) NPA killed and three (3) captured NPA, and the recovery of four (4) high powered firearms – one M60 machine gun, two (2) M16 rifles, and one M14 rifle.

Two (2) personnel of Victoria PNP Station were wounded while defending the station and they were already provided immediate medical attention.

On the other hand, two (2) civilians were wounded after the CNTs fired against their vehicle while passing on one of the CNT’s road blockade. The victims were identified as Shay Sanchez and Samuel Ilustre who were brought to a hospital in Allen, Northern Samar.

BGEN RAMIL M BITONG, Commander of 803rd Infantry Brigade, extends his congratulation to the personnel of Victoria MPS for their bravery in defending the PNP Station.

“The failed attack of the PNP Station in Victoria Municipality would also mean failed NPA Anniversary Celebration in Northern Samar. 803rd Infantry Brigade will provide support to the Northern Samar Provincial Police Office (NSPPO) on the possible apprehension of perpetrators.” BGEN BITONG added.

The successful defense of the PNP Station in Victoria was a result of comprehensive contingency planning jointly conducted by 803rd Brigade and NSPPO to pre-empt such attacks against the PNP Stations in Northern Samar. The contingency planning made in 3rd quarter last year participated by all security forces in Northern Samar aimed to attain coordinated efforts to defeat any attacks of terrorist organization. It can be recalled that Lapining Municipal Police Station was attacked by CNTs last August 10, 2018.

Currently, pursuit operation is jointly conducted by the 803rd Infantry Brigade and Northern Samar Provincial Police Office to hunt those withdrawing CNTs involve in the failed attack of Victoria Municipal Police Station.


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