Press ReleaseTwo Soldiers die on the deceptive attack of CPP-NPA terrorists
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Two Soldiers die on the deceptive attack of CPP-NPA terrorists

CAUAYAN, Negros Occidental – Two Army soldiers conducting information collection in support to the Community Support Program (CSP) teams in the area were ambushed by the NPA terrorist, Saturday, April 3, 2021 at So Cambaga, Brgy Yao-yao, Cauayan, Negros Occidental.

The soldiers were on the area to support the Community Support Program (CSP) team to help facilitate the resolutions of identified issues of the CSP while they “were fired upon and treacherously killed” by the NPA fighters.

Barangay Yao-yao is one of the areas in Negros Occidental where NPA terrorist thrive. The Community Support Program (CSP) operations in the area greatly affected the Communist Terrorist Groups.

15IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col Erwin Cariño said that “Our Soldiers sacrificed a lot and risk their lives in the service of the country to protect the people in Negros so we can have peace.”

“We honor the heroism and sacrificed of our fallen comrades and will ensure that justice will be served.” Cariño added.

Your Army will remain steadfast and strong in our commitment to ensure the safety of the Negrenses and eradicate the terroristic influence brought by this Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs). Cariño further added.

Col Leonardo Peña, 302nd Brigade Commander, condemns this barbaric act perpetrated by the CPP-NPA Terrorists, in their desperation to hamper the peace and progress brought by the presence of our soldiers in the communities thru various activities of our Community Support Operators in the area.

“These senseless attack proves once again that this Communist Terrorist Groups are Human Rights violators. Our slain soldiers are just doing their job to help in the progress of the communities in the far flung barangays. Their ultimate sacrifice in the name of service to God, to our country, and to our people will not be put in vain, for we will legally seek justice and file appropriate criminal case to those culprits.

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