CAMP CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal — A soldier and an NPA terrorist died after an encounter at Brgy Puray of Rodriguez, Rizal at around 3 p.m. Saturday.

Two soldiers were also wounded but are now in stable condition.

Government forces believe that the NPA terrorists suffered considerable losses as manifested by the heavy bloodstains in the encounter site. Soldiers have recovered the following:

Body of the dead NPA terrorist, M16 rifle, Hand grenade, Rifle grenade, Jungle pack, and enemy documents.

The engaged troops were members of the Army’s CSP team stationed in the area and were informed by concerned citizens about the presence of the NPAs as well as their plan to attack the soldiers.

Statement of Maj Gen Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr in relation to the encounter at Brgy Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal

1. We condemn in the strongest sense the NPAs’ offensive actions that resulted to an encounter at Brgy Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal which is a violation of their “reciprocal declaration of ceasefire” last March 26, 2020.

2. It is with a heavy heart that we express our sympathy to the bereaved family of our soldier who was killed in action while performing his sworn duty of conducting community defense patrol in response to a report from concerned citizens about the NPAs’ plan to attack our CSP Team stationed in that barangay. The two other wounded soldiers are now in stable condition.

3. Our 18 soldiers were able to repel the planned attack by around 30 terrorists whom we believe suffered considerable losses as manifested by the heavy bloodstains in the encounter site. As of the moment, we have recovered the body of the dead NPA terrorist together with his M16 rifle, hand grenade, rifle grenade and jungle pack. Our soldiers will remain vigilant while observing the provisions of the ceasefire and performing their duty of protecting the community as CSP Team.

4. We would like to express our gratitude to the people of Brgy Puray for alerting our CSP Team about the presence and terroristic plans of the NPAs. If not for them, our soldiers would have failed to defend themselves as well as the community and the people whom we have sworn to protect.

5. We will remain steadfast in performing our mandate to serve our people and secure this part of our land while committing ourselves to the urgent task of containing the spread of Covid-19. We will adhere to the provisions of the unilateral ceasefire without prejudice to the safety and security of the people in our communities.