Training on livestock and high value crops is provided to the members of Salaysay farmers association


MALAGOS, Baguio District, Davao City- in this challenging time of pandemic, farming is the best tools to survive with this fight. Together with the Department of Agriculture (DA) represented by Ms. Marie Ann M. Constantino the Field Operations Division, Municipal Agriculture Office headed by Mr Janlario S. Bentain the Acting MAO, Barangay Local Government Unit of Brgy Salaysay headed by Roberto A. Itdang Sr. the Brgy Captain and 3rd Infantry (Regardless of What) Battalion, 7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division under the leadership of the Battalion Commander Lt. Colonel Juvenal Mark T. Tayamen, Community Development Team Officer 1st Lt. Michael G. Diaz and 1st Lt. Christopher Lan M. Dela Cruz the Civil Military Operations Officer conducted training on Livestock and High Value Crops training to the members of Salaysay Tribal Farmers Association at Sitio Ballah, Brgy Salaysay, Marilog District, Davao City on September 09, 2020.

Looking backward, Sitio Ballah, Salaysay is a former mobility corridor of the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs). This threat groups spreed their lies and terrorized the peaceful area of the brgy. For so many years of hidding in fear to the CTGs, the community have gained the strength to fight againts the terrorist by simply refusing to give support and deny their presence in their beloved brgy. This was attained during the conduct of Community Support Program (CSP) under 3IB with the joint efforts of other government and non-government agencies.

With the communities strength and with the governments support to achieve peace and development. The programs and projects are now entering in the community, one of those is the program of the DA in providing technical skills in agri-farming to the community. This program will capacitate the community in raising livestock and growing crops to rise-up the level of food security in the country. This program will help boost and enhance the skills of every individual in agri-farming that will accumulate their source of income.

According to Mrs. Constantino, they should take this as a challenges to each and everyone, she said that the government is always here to help and support the community.

Mr. Bentain also added that the government is always willing to reach the community to attain development most espicially in the far flung areas because this was the problem before. So, to solve that issue, the DA will help them to be more productive when it comes to farming.

“This is just the beggining of our journey to attain peace and development. But we cannot achieve our goals if we are not united. With that, we also need your support and we must work hand-on-hand to win with this battle.” -Lt. Colonel Tayamen said.