Top NPA Commander captured in Agusan del Norte


BUENAVISTA, Agusan del Norte – The top most wanted CPP-NPA
Terrorist in Agusan del Norte and top 2 in the list of criminals in the
province was captured by the joint elements of the Army and PNP in
Barangay Tagcatong, Carmen, Agusan del Norte around 4:30 in the
morning of December 30, 2018.

The top most wanted NPA captured was identified JOAQUIN O
MADRIÑAN @ALTO/JUN-JUN. He is the Commanding Officer of the
Special Partisan Armed Revolutionary Unit (SPARU) and Intel Officer, Sub-Regional Committee WANAS of the North Central Mindanao Regional Committee. He was captured by the joint elements 23rd Infantry Battalion and 4th Military Intelligence Battalion which are under the operational control of 402nd Infantry Brigade base in Bancasi, Butuan City, personnel of Provincial Police Office of Agusan del Norte, 1st ADN Provincial Mobile Force Company and the CIDG 13. During the arrest, confiscated from his possession are 1-unit Cal. 45 pistol with one (1) magazine and twenty-two (22) rounds of live ammunition for cal.45, one (1) hand grenade and one (1) piece sling bag.

The captured NPA criminal is responsible for numerous crimes
and atrocities and has several warrants of arrest for Multiple
Attempted Murder: Criminal Case Number 22623; CC # 23692, CC#
23693, CC# 23543 and 22623. @ALTO is also involved in the
Lumad Killings in Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur specifically
on the death of Mayor Otaza, Ricardo Sulhayan “Datu Ka Doy Saliganan” of Nasipit, Datu Ernesto Mandahinog Burdios and Jane M Burdios, Junior Ligsanan, JR Castilla, and Lauro Hunasan.

He was also involved during the attack of PNP Carmen Station, ADN on
March 16, 2003. Moreover, he is also identified as one of the perpetrators of the AGUMIL burning incident and harassment of PNP
Camagong in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte last 22 July 2018. He was
identified during the harassment of PNP in Marcos Park and the
Jaguimitan Patrol Base last 2016. Also, @ALTO/JUN-JUN was one of the perpetrators during the ambush of Gov Ma. Angelica Rosedell M Amante-Matba in Sitio Mimbahandi, Brgy Camagong, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte last 2015.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Francisco L Molina Jr, Commanding Officer, 23IB expressed his gratitude to the concerned citizens who bravely provided positive and timely information to the authorities about the activities and whereabouts of the captured CNT Commander. “We extend our gratitude to the residents of the Municipality of Carmen for providing the information that led to the arrest of the top most wanted NPA criminal who is sowing fear amongst the ordinary people. Our soldiers in the 23 rd Infantry (Masigasig) Battalion will continue to perform its mandate of serving and protecting the people. It will abide by the rules of engagements, respect human rights and adhere to the rule of law in the performance of its mandate. Criminal like @Alto has no place in the community of peace – loving Caraganons. Hence, @Alto deserved to be put in jail”, Molina added.