CAMP SANG-AN, Pulacan, ZDS– Three Communist NPA Terrorist (CNT) surrendered to Army’s 97th Infantry Battalion in Leon B Postigo, Zamboanga Del Norte, yesterday, March 09, 2020.

The surrenderees were identified as Fernand S. Micasia @GINO, a Team Leader , Teng Alom, and Ronie D Tuburan both members of the CNT.

According to Lt. Col. Manaros Boransing II, the 97IB commander “The surrender was made possible through Local Peace Engagement of the Local Government Units of Leon B Postigo and Siayan and our Battalion”.

“Our convergence and collaboration with the Task Force ELCAC as mandated in the E.O. 70 of our Commander-in-Chief, made our task in encouraging the CNTs to surrender easier”, added Boransing.

Col. Leonel Nicolas, the 102nd Infantry Brigade Commander, who has operational jurisdiction of Zamboanga del Norte, assured that the surrendered rebels will be enrolled in the Government’s Enhance Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

The benefits that they are going to receive with the program are Reintegration Assistance, Immediate Assistance, Livelihood Assistance, and Access to Government Services and Medical Assistance.

“You are in good hands now, the government is ready to help you as well as your families”, said Maj. Gen. Gene M Ponio, Commander of the 1st Infantry Division.

“Encourage your fellow comrades to surrender as well because they are also welcomed by the government. Like you, they will not be harmed and will also receive help and support from the government thru the TF-ELCAC”, Ponio added.