A Senate Inquiry concerning the missing students from different Universities was conducted August 07, 2019. Presided by Sen. Ronald Dela Rossa, along with Senator Panfilo Lacson and Senator Francis Tolentino, the mothers of the missing students recruited by organizations of LFS, Anakbayan and Kabataan pleaded for help from the Senators.

Mrs. Relissa Lucena narrated the situation leading to her daughter’s
indoctrination within the leftist group’s radical teachings. Alicia, whose recruitment had turned her; a promising student willing to serve the country, even willing to enroll on a Criminology Course to serve with our law enforcement into an aggressive debater against everything the government does.

Another parent, Mrs. Louisa Espina told the same pattern on her story about her daughter’s transformation. Mrs. Espina’s daughter was deep into the leftist’s teachings enough to make a normal family tradition; watching television together, filled with tension. In a statement she said;

“Hindi na kami nanonood ng news sa TV kapag nandyan sya kasi, alam namin na iba na ang pananaw nya sa gobyerno”.

For a while the mothers were able to keep their daughters in their homes but the situation worsened when the students were offered lodging and apparently “full time jobs” as an officer for the radical group’s political agendas.

In one statement Mrs. Lucena recalled the time when her daughter told her about the Job, “Full time na nga daw sya sa Anakbayan,”. Mrs. Espina as well told a time when she had to go to the PUP campus and pleaded with her daughter who had taken residence on one of the buildings, Gabriella Hall.

As the mothers had presented all their stories to the Senate, Senator Ronald Dela Rosa moved the discussion towards the PUP President Emanuel De Guzman questioning him if the President was aware about these incidents within the campus.

Mr. De Guzman assured the Senate that they have taken appropriate actions to address similar concerns within the PUP Campus. He said that the radical group encompasses just a minority of the overall students and continually decreasing in numbers.

The Senate had asked for the commitment of Mr. De Guzman for the
recruitments to stop. Although apologetic in the way he spoke to the Senate and with the parents of the recruited individuals, he stated that he cannot assure that there would be no more incidents similar to this, “we cannot COMMIT that 100 percent, this would not happen. We are HOPING this will not happen again,” Mr. De Guzman answered.

Due to the covert nature of the leftist’s recruitments, it has been challenging for the PUP management to address issues such as this. Although deliberate measures have been placed to protect the students from radical ideologies, there are a few, a carefully selected few who are enticed to join an organization with a bent idea of nationalism and freedom.

It is those who are envisioned as the nation’s future leaders in our society who are heavily targeted by the radical group’s indoctrinations. In Alicia Lucena’s case, in a span of a few days, the leftist group’s ideologies have rooted deeply within Alicia’s mind enough to disown her mother; “Kalaban ka na, Ituring mo nang wala kang anak”, Mrs. Lucena had narrated as she recalled a time where she had told her daughter who just got back from a three days absence that she had sought help from the police to look for her.

In a statement from one of the alleged recruiters, Einstein Recedes, Anakbayan Partylist General Secretary on his scrutiny on Mandatory ROTC said; “Just like Hitler in the 1920s, Duterte simply wants to create a generation of brainwashed, fanatically loyal young men and women willing to die for him.“

Aren’t they doing the same thing they scrutinize the government for? Aren’t they making a brainwashed generation, fanatically, loyal young men and women willing to die for them? How ironic it is that when a leftist group exploits and corrupts this nation’s youth on the precepts of false radical ideologies, it is called freedom, but when a government program meant to equip the youth with discipline and love for one’s country they are called oppressed.

It’s time to call it what it is; a blatant exploitation and corruption of this society’s future. Disguised as Partylists and Student organizations, they are willing to waste away the lives of gifted individuals such as Alicia Lucena, Trishia Antoniano and others to risk their lives on the group’s lost cause.

These issues have divided us further as a nation. It’s time that we, as a society make a stand on this matter. Do we condemn these acts or do we let this group operate freely? If we let this continue, it would only be a matter of time when they would be ones defining what freedom and nationalism is for us and we wouldn’t want it to be defined by
tyrants deconstructing the basic foundations of this country, our families.