The New People’s Army has made it clear that they will not honor their ceasefire declaration at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 28.

A firefight broke out at Sitio Malasya Uyungan in Brgy Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal between 30 NPA members and our troops from the 2nd Infantry Division who are in the area doing community work.

One enemy was killed and we were also able to seize one M16 rifle, one grenade, and one rifle grenade. Though we suspect more losses from the enemy side considering the amount of blood stains left in the encounter site. One of our soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice while two others were wounded in this encounter.

We were able to repel the attack, which turns out to be the NPA’s futile attempt to project relevance and power, among the many delusions of Jose Maria Sison. They were planning to celebrate their anniversary on March 29 with a bang.

This attack on our people throws away their so-called “humanitarian principles” and expose the exploitative nature of their ceasefire declaration.

Unfortunately for them, our troops on proactive defense nationwide are ready and are expecting such treachery.

Let this be a warning to them that while we fulfill our duties to contain the spread of COVID-19, we will not back down to any attempt to disrupt the peace in our communities.