Guipos, ZDS – The two (2) AK-47 assault rifles and other war materiel which were recovered by the troops of 53rd IB in a recent clash with NPA terrorists in Sitio Pisyo, Brgy. Balonai, Midsalip, ZDS last Monday, 11 May 2020, were presented by LTC JO-AR HERRERA, Commanding Officer, 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion, to COL LEONEL NICOLAS, Commander, 102nd Infantry (IGSOON) Brigade, 1ID, PA in his visit to Headquarters, Bravo (BOULDERS) Company, 53IB last May 12, 2020.

Col Nicolas commended the troops for this accomplishment. “We will continue the relentless operations against these terrorist groups until their cause and presence become insignificant in our society today,” he said.

The said recovered firearms and items belonged to the 2 NPAs who died in the said clash. According to the locals, the NPAs were conducting extortion activities in their community, asking for food and medicinal items.

They were also threatened to be killed if they don’t give anything to the NPAs. For fear for their lives, they informed the troops of the situation who were also conducting community visitation and information dissemination regarding COVID-19 and how to prevent it from spreading. The 2 NPAs who were killed were also given a decent burial by the Matapat Troopers, MIDSALIP-LGU, and volunteers last May 12, 2020.