HEADQUARTERS, 1003rd Infantry (Raptor) Brigade – A batch of former rebels strongly denounced the Communist Party of the Philippines 50 years of violence as the terrorist organization clandestinely observes its founding anniversary today nationwide.

The collective statement of denouncement was made by the 46 former rebels during the awarding of benefits to them last Friday, December 21, under the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) which totaled to over 2.9 million pesos by the Provincial Government of Davao Del Norte.

Each of the beneficiaries received a total of Php 65,000.00, the basic amount that any qualified beneficiary is due to receive. A separate amount due to beneficiaries who surrendered their firearms is still yet to be released as processes for the availability of the funds are still underway.

With the success of ECLIP, more surrenderers are expected to yield next year especially so as the Davao City government offered additional benefits such as housing units.

“The program’s success definitely sent the message across the Communist NPA Terrorist’s (CNTs) ranks on the sincerity of the program. On one hand, it came as a big blow to the CNT’s propaganda on the insincerity of the program. Let alone this example for the public to judge on who’s really sincere in achieving peace, the government or the CNTs?”, says Brigadier General Ernesto C Torres Jr, Commander of the 1003rd Brigade.

“They mark their anniversary with bloodshed and destruction. All the CNT has done from the day of their founding the abductions, their “justice system” that most often ended in the murder regardless of whether it is a child or a woman and every crime they have committed against humanity is nothing worth of celebrating. To the fullest extent, the CNT and all the works they have perpetrated over the years are rather worth abhorring.” BGen Torres added.