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Rebels Continue to Lose in Southern Mindanao; Ranking Rebels Surrender, Biggest Arms Cache Discovered


MAWAB, DAVAO DE ORO – In a press conference hosted by the 1002nd Infantry Brigade, the 10ID in coordination with Region XII Task Force in Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict at Malungon town, Sarangani province yesterday, November 17, 2021; MGen Ernesto C Torres Jr divulged to the media another batch of high ranking NPA leaders surrendered to the 10th Infantry AGILA Division and presented forty-six (46) high-powered firearms that were recovered in its area of responsibility just this November alone.

MGen Torres named the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) leader as alias Borjack, the Secretary of the Guerilla Front Alip and at the same time Secretary of the Regional Operations Command (ROC) of the Far South Mindanao Region (FSMR) who surrendered last November 9 to the troops of the 1002nd Infantry Brigade with the participation of 39IB, 73IB, and 102MICO. Likewise, he also mentioned Jocy Villaruel Papasin alias Domai, Secretary of the Weakened Guerilla Front 18 of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC) who surrendered to the 66IB under the 701st Infantry Brigade. Another high-ranking NPA leader was also present during the press conference in the name of Gilberto Garcia Colita alias Jhonny, Commander of the Weakened Guerilla Front 18, SMRC who surrendered on November 12.

Moreover, a total of forty-six (46) high-powered firearms, one (1) Improvised Explosive Device (IED), and one (1) homemade shotgun were also presented to the media that were recovered by the said two infantry brigades for this month alone. Fourteen (14) of which came from the 701st Infantry Brigade through the series of surrenders from the NPA units in Davao Oriental and Agusan Del Sur.

Meanwhile, the other thirty-two (32) high-powered firearms were gained by the 1002nd Brigade to include one (1) caliber 30 machine gun through the discovery of four (4) arms caches from November 11 – 16 that was made possible due to the full cooperation of the recently surrendered and former high-ranking CTG leaders.

Furthermore, MGen Torres reported to the media that for this year alone, 10ID dismantled two (2) Guerilla Fronts and one (1) Pulang Bagani Command.

MGen Torres attributed the above victories to BGen Potenciano C Camba and Col Oliver C Maquiling, Brigade Commanders of the 1002nd and 701st Infantry Brigades, respectively; and to the battalion commanders together with their company commanders and platoon leaders who are the cutting edge of the Philippine Army.

He also reiterated that this accomplishment of the 10ID is through the active participation of different government agencies and of the people through the National Task Force in Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict.

“With this recent undertaking of your Army Infantry Division, we can say that the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) are continuously losing every battle they face against the government and the Filipino people. While the CTG are losing in armed operations, we on the other hand are winning the hearts and the minds of the people. Thus, their decimation in the 10ID area of responsibility is inevitable. They will cease to exist in this Southern Mindanao and eventually in our country.” MGen Torres added.

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