Province of Aurora declares NPA as Persona Non – Grata

  • Province of Aurora declares NPA as Persona Non – Grata 1
  • Province of Aurora declares NPA as Persona Non – Grata 2

BALER, Aurora – The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) has approved Resolution No. 2019-02, condemning the actions and activities of the CPP-NPA, its front group and affiliates, and declaring their presence detrimental to peace and development in the Province of Aurora.

The declaration of CPP-NPA as persona non-grata in Aurora was done during the PPOC meeting on July 04, 2019 at the Capitol, Brgy Suklayin, Baler, Aurora.

The meeting was presided by Governor Gerardo A. Noveras and was attended by representatives of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), different department heads of the local government of Aurora, members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Brigade Commander of the 703rd Infantry (Agila) Brigade, Brigadier General Rowen S. Tolentino AFP; Commanding Officer of the 91st Infantry (Sinagtala) Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Jose Mari F. Torrenueva II; and Lieutenant Colonel Reynante D. Pitpitan of the Aurora Police Provincial Office.

The resolution was formulated in line with DILG Memorandum Circular No. ‎211-2018 with the Subject: Prohibition of Support to Left Wing Rebel Group and Executive Order No. 70: Institutionalizing the whole-of-nation approach in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace, creating a national task force to end local communist armed conflict, and directing the adoption of a national peace framework.

This is the LGU’s step in asserting that the province is ready for lasting peace to attain sustainable development.

In order to maintain peace and order in the community and suppress the lawless violence that creates havoc, fear and panic among the populace, members of CPP-NPA (CNTs) are now unwelcome in the Province of Aurora.

Major General Lenard T Agustin AFP, Commander of the 7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division expressed pleasure over the development as more and more municipalities and provinces have been declaring communist terrorists groups (CTG) as persona non grata. He said that the whole of nation approach of EO 70 is certainly making an impact in communities and has triggered the support of the whole nation, possibly leading towards the long awaited downfall of CTGs.

Meanwhile, BGen Tolentino, commends the Province of Aurora for their bold move in passing the said resolution through the PPOC.

“The Philippine Army will continue to support such unified movement which aims to condemn the actions of the terrorist which disregards the country campaign in attaining peace,” said LtCol Torrenueva.


  1. It’s about time we stand firm together for peace and tranquillity as.. “one nation under God!”…
    WAR and ARMS is not and will never be the “right answer” for any “grievances” we may have.
    PEACE should always be our BOTTOM LINE:
    Mabuhay at Maraming…
    Maraming Salamat Kabayan!

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