Philippine Army demonstrates capabilities to promote essential qualities of leadership and selfless service to the youth.


Students of RSCT Cl 2022 of the 10th RCDG, RESCOM, PA were given an opportunity to witness the demonstration of combat tracking and warfare prowess by personnel of the 6th Company, 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion, First Scout Ranger Regiment, Philippine Army which was led by SSg Edsel T Llanita (Inf) PA. This unit specializes in anti-guerrilla jungle warfare, raids, ambushes, close quarters combat, urban warfare, and sabotage.

Beginning with the activity, the Rangers move strategically around the playing field as they prepare to make their entry in front of the cadets. Exhibiting file formation and reaction to ambush, including the release of live empty firing rounds. After the demonstration, each member of the team; the Lead Scout, the Guide, the Team Leader, the Radioman, the Automatic Rifleman, the Contact Man, and the Tail Scout introduced their specific duty. Then, an opportunity was given to the students to take photos with the Scout Rangers including their gears and equipment.

The Philippine Army acknowledges the vital part that young people will play in the future of our society and actively encourages them to make a positive contribution to the well-being of others and the world as a whole. Not only are the cadets of the Reserve Officer Training Corps prepared to protect the country in times of war, but more importantly, they are also being trained to contribute to the creation of the nation when times are peaceful.

The Army aspires to promote the essential qualities of leadership and selfless service in the younger generation in order to better prepare them for the larger duties they will take on as the future of this country and as the nation itself.