Peace-loving bicolanos condemn NPA


CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur – Peace-loving Bicolanos condemned the 50th anniversary of the NPA Terrorists through the Peace Rallies held in the different parts of the region, Friday morning, March 29.

The said assemblies were conducted in following places: Bantanyog Park in Daet, Camarines Norte; Capitol Compound in Sorsogon City; and Masbate Freedom Park in Masbate City.

The peace rallies were launched in partnership with the different LGUs, Government Agencies, former rebels and their families, students, and civilian populace. The activities aimed denounce the 50 years of abuses and atrocities committed by the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG). The populace wanted to convey the message of peace to the remaining members and supporters of the CTG hoping for them to realize the futility of the armed struggle and the destruction it brings to the Filipino nation.

According to the statement of JTF Bicolandia under Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad AFP, the people’s actions only manifested their longing for a peaceful life in their communities free from the Communist Terrorist Groups threats and abuses. The JTF Commander further stressed that the NPA terrorists have nothing to celebrate and no achievement to be proud of, the 50-years armed struggle is an utter failure which only resulted to the loss of lives and destruction not only to properties but most specially the dreams and ideals of progressive Filipinos.

In addition, Maj. Gen. Trinidad said that the atrocities committed by the CTG in their five decades of existence only illustrated their nature as a terror group that works to destabilize the democratic government, obstruct development, destroy properties and bring inconvenience to the Bicolanos. On the other hand, the Commander assured that lines of communication are open for those who want to abandon the armed movement and embrace the life of peace.

“It is not yet late for them to return to the path of peace and adhere to the rule of law”.

“It is not yet late for them to return to the path of peace and adhere to the rule of law. Our government has laid programs for CTG members who wish to surrender. Through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or ECLIP they will have a chance to start anew and be productive citizens”, he added.