Onto the right track – Another ASG Member returns to the folds of law

Brgy Parian Kayawan, Lugus, Sulu 13 March 2023: Another former member of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) was presented by the 2nd Special Forces “Sabertooth” Battalion under Ltc Benito G Ramos Jr Inf (GSC) PA to BGen Eugenio C Boquio PA, Commander, 1101IBde and to the Lugus MTF-ELAC chaired by Hadar Hajiri, Municipal Mayor, Lugus, Sulu.

The returnee was yielded by the 4th Special Forces Company, 2nd Special Forces Battalion through their relentless intelligence operations in their Area of Operations. The returnee was identified as @Jully under ASG Senior Leader Radullan Sahiron. He was originally based in Brgy Bilaan, Talipao, Sulu before going on a lie-low status in Brgy Sibul, Lugus, Sulu after seven (7) years of being ang active member of the ASG. He is also the nephew of the wife of ASG Senior Leader Radullan Sahiron.

The returnee surrendered one M1 Garand Rifle bearing Serial Number 1478354.

He is set to be included in the ASG Returnee Reintegration Program, through Lugus MTF-ELAC, that aims to support those Former Violent Extremists (FVEs) who wish to return to the mainstream of the society and start a new and peaceful life. “We are on track in finishing the ASG Problem. With the help of the community, the Local Government Units (LGUs), and other partner stakeholders, we hope to end their terrorist agenda so that we, as one, can proceed to development and gradually bring progress to the Province of Sulu.” notes BGen Boqiuo..