NPA Violates self-imposed ceasefire, soldiers preempt attack


CAMP GEN. MATEO CAPINPIN, TANAY RIZAL- One Army Cafgu Active Auxiliary was wounded when a 9-man squad of government forces conducting patrol encountered around 20 NPAs at the hinterlands of Rodriquez, Rizal on Christmas day.

Brigadier General Arnulfo Marcelo B Burgos Jr, Commander of the Army’s 202nd Infantry Brigade which has operational jurisdiction over the area, said that the troops were conducting security patrol when civilians informed them about the presence of the NPAs who were purportedly planning to attack the Macaingalan Patrol Base in BrgyPuray of this Municipality.

“This is the violation of their self-imposed ceasefire and a clear manifestation that their fighters no longer recognize the authority of their so-called leaders,” said BGen Burgos.

He added that the planned attack during the Filipinos’ most important and happiest holiday proves that the NPAs have indeed transformed into a band of extortionist terrorists who no longer respects religion just to further their objective of sowing fear among the people.

Lieutenant Colonel MelencioRegudo, Commanding officer of 80IB said that the CAA was slightly wounded on the leg after the 5-minute firefight and is now on stable condition.

He said that there was undetermined number of casualties on the NPA side due to the heavy blood stains and their positions. “According to the troops I’ve talked to, the enemies brought along their wounded comrades when they scampered away”, added LtColRagudo.

The terrorist were believed to be members of the NPA Sub- Regional Party of Sub- Regional Military area 4C under Jonathan Mopon alias “Boyong”.

He also assured the people that “your soldiers were, are and will always be on guard. We are spending the holidays away from our families to make sure that other  families will be able to celebrate them together in peace.”

Major General Rhoderick M Parayno, Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, lauded the troops’ vigilance.

He said that the encounter against the NPA terrorist is a huge setback to the CPP’s 50th anniversary celebration today that brought nothing good to the country but killings. “The Communist Terrorist Group have lost its relevance. Nabubuhaynalangsilasa propaganda. Those who understand their plight, their cause, are surrendering. They’ve not only lost 50 years. They have wasted 50 years!”, said MGenParayno.

Furthermore, he added that for those who opted to surrender, “I guarantee their safety and I’ll make sure that they receive all the benefits due them offered by the government”.

At present, a total of 164 NPAs in Regions 4A & B have already surrendered to 2ID forces.

The CPP/NPA has declared a unilateral ceasefire from Dec 24 to 26 and another from Dec 31 to January 1, 2019.