BUNAWAN DISTRICT, Davao City – A ranking NPA political officer surrenders to the Army in Paquibato District today, turning over a number of explosives.

Epifanio Blas, 49, married and a resident of barangay Malabog, Paquibato District acted as assistant secretary of the NPA’s underground mass organization known as “Hingpit Organisadong Masa” or Local Party Branch in barangay Malabog. He surrendered nine Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) designed as anti-personnel mines.

Subject revealed too that he finally surrendered after realizing the sincerity of the peace-building efforts of 16th Infantry Battalion troops in the area.

“Such welcome development in Paquibato is a result of our continuing effort to completely clear the barangays from NPA influence. Paquibato is transforming into a tourist destination largely due to the combined peace and development efforts of the unit with Davao City Peace 911.”, Col Nolasco A Mempin, Commander of 1003rd Brigade said.