Camp General Mateo Capinpin, TANAY, – Joint Army and PNP forces recovered the body of an NPA terrorist who is believed to have been killed during the April 29 encounter at Sitio Maquitib, Brgy Quipot, San Juan, Batangas at around 2:39 p.m. Sunday.

​The decomposing body was discovered by combined elements of 1st Infantry Battalion and San Juan police after receiving information from concerned citizens about “an unusually foul odor” in the vicinity of the town’s Sitio Mambog, Brgy Sampiro.

Brigadier General Arnulfo Marcelo B Burgos Jr, Commander of the 202nd Infantry (UNIFIER) Brigade which has operational jurisdiction over the area, said that the military immediately responded to the complaint by sending troops to the area. This resulted to the discovery of the cadaver of an NPA who was later on identified by his relatives as Domingo Raso.​

According to BGen Burgos, Raso was “a 56-year-old NPA, known in the underground movement as alias Anghel,” who, per intelligence community, is “an Executive Committee and Secretariat member of the communist terrorists’ Sub-Regional Military Area 4C as well as a platoon leader of the NPAs” in the area.

​He added that “as of the moment, our priority is to help the family of their comrade, whom they abandoned, in giving him the dignified burial that every other human being deserves”. ​Lt Col Jonathan Manio, Commander of 1st Infantry Battalion, said that “the body of alias Anghel was not even buried by his comrades. They just covered him with leaves and treated him as if a piece of garbage that can just be dumped anywhere”.

He condemned such act saying that “if they are willing to desecrate the body of their dead leader, we can expect that they are also ready to do it to ordinary fighters and civilians” which, according to him, runs “contrary to the propaganda lines that the enemies-of-the-state have been preaching”.

Public Affairs Office, 2ID, PA Camp General Mateo Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal Cp Number: 0977- 277- 1986 Email Add:[email protected], [email protected] Like us on our Facebook page: 2 nd infantry Jungle Fighter Division​In photos released by the military, it was notable that the cadaver was missing its face as if it has been decomposing for a long time.

“According to the people in the area”, there is a possibility that “crows, monitor lizards and even stray dogs have feasted on the facial tissues of the slain terrorist leader” for the past five days “since it was left exposed by the fleeing NPA terrorists”, said Lt Col Manio.

BGen Elias Escarcha, Acting Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, lauded the troops for dealing the NPAs decisive loses during armed skirmishes and called on the few remaining terrorists in the region to “put down their arms, return to the folds of law, avail the government’s compensation package through E-CLIP, become productive members of the society and become partners of the Filipinos in attaining the much coveted peace, prosperity and development”.

The military believes that “many other terrorists have died after an encounter against joint elements of soldiers and intelligence operatives” last April 29 at San Juan wherein they recovered two firearms, explosives, documents and other war materiel.

​They called on the people to report other cadavers that could have been dumped by the NPAs in their communities. ​Sitio Mambog is less than two kilometers away from the encounter site.


  1. Army action to the dead npa are so human & civil to help despite their hatred to AFP. My salute to our arm forces. Subrang civilized ang ganti na binalik nila sa kalaban.

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