Camp Osito D Bahian, Malaybalay City- May 23, 2020- A civilian was killed at Sitio Spring, Barangay Cawayan, San Fernando, Bukidnon last Friday, May 22, 2020 by members of terrorist New People’s Army.
The group belongs to alias Monsor of Guerilla Front Malayag, Sub Regional Committee-2 (SRC-2), North Central Mindanao Regional Committee.

The civilian killed was Jerson Blanza, 23, single and son of the Punong Barangay of Brgy Magkalungay, San Fernando, Bukidnon. He was fatally hit on the first volley of fire of the NPA.

According to Army’s 403rd Infantry Brigade that covers the eastern provinces of Northern Mindanao, Brgy Cawayan was once a stronghold of NPA and that the terrorist NPA are dead serious in recovering the area at all cost.

“We all know that the NPA does not value human life. They recruit children to bear arms and they kill their allies and comrades wanting to leave their doomed revolution” Col Ferdinand Barandon, Commander 403rd Bde said.

“Everyone knows they only wanted power and money. As everyone of us thinks of ways to help one another to survive this pandemic, they are still bragging they have time to plan and attack communities.” Barandon added.

Units of 403rd Brigade since the start of quarantine season have been engaged on information and education campaign on COVID19 said Cpt Rene Belmonte, 403Bde spokesman. “We do loud speaker operations, radio programs, social media operation, check point operation, community and sitio visitation, and recently leaflet/info kit dropping thru our air assets. We do all of these while doing security operations to ensure every Filipino is equipped with knowledge to combat COVID19 while at the same to ensure our people are secured from threat and intimidation of terrorist groups”.

“Di jud mi gusto muhawa ang kasundaluhan kung pwede lang sir, mahadlok mi sa NPA. Murag di mi kalihok ug naa sila unya di mi gusto nga matawag utro nga NPA area among lugar ( please we dont want our soldiers to leave, we are afraid of NPA. We are uncomfortable when they are here, and we dont want our place to be called NPA Area)”, a mother from Sitio Spring said.

This came as soldiers of 403Bde visit Sitio to Sitio to dessiminate government efforts and information about COVID19.

“We are deeply saddened of Jerson’s loss. His father PB Blanza is very supportive of our efforts to keep his people from NPA manipulation and on our war against COVID19. We offer our sincerest condolences and we strongly condemn this terror act of the NPAs”, Barandon concluded.