NPA attacked anew after declaring truce: A double-edged sword


CAMP LAPULAPU, Cebu City— It was less than a day after the Communist Party of the Philippines has declared a unilateral ceasefire that started midnight of December 23, 2019 until January 7, 2020, another terroristic action was again decietfully launched by the NPA Terror group against the government forces early today along Brgy Singon, Tubungan town of Iloilo.

The PNP, on board their patrol vehicle were pulling out in the area following the order of Suspension of Police Operation (SOPO) when the terror group detonated an Anti-Personnel Mine along Brgy Singon of the said town. Two PNP personnel were wounded but were able to get out from the kill zone.

MGen Roberto Ancan, Commander, Central Command, Armed Forces of the Philippines condemned the incident and has ensured communities will be secured from all kinds of threat posed by this terror group. He said, “This another atrocity proves the duplicitous talking of these terror organization that after they’ve demanded peace, they deceitfully attacked our troops. They’ve done it again. But this time the whole world is watching and are seeing the real intention of their leaders who are asking for peace— full of lies and deceit.”

“They demand for peace but their actions speaks otherwise. We cannot let them (NPAs) roam around and lord over the lives of our peace-loving people. Our role is to protect our people and secure their communities from these terrorists.”

It can be recalled that in 2016, President Duterte has been underlining in all his speeches that there should be compelling reasons to return to the negotiating table. The NPA must show their sincerity on ending all kinds of violence in the area such as economic sabotage, extortion activities, terrorizing and killing people.

“As we have been repeatedly saying in every peactalks, we view it with guarded optimism. But then again people must be aware of peace spoilers. Just like what happened early today. We have enough reasons to believe including the revelations of their former comrades that the CPP-NPA-NDF does not really intend to make peace with the government but to overthrow the whole government and establish a revolutionary form that will be ruled by these bunch of criminals.” MGen Ancan concluded