Press ReleaseMamanwa IP Leaders Convene to Declare CNTs as Persona Non-Grata
Monday, August 2, 2021
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Mamanwa IP Leaders Convene to Declare CNTs as Persona Non-Grata

KITCHARAO, Agusan del Norte – On July 16, 2021, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, headed by Regional Director Atty. Marlon Bosantog in cooperation with the 29th Infantry “Matatag Fighters” Battalion and Congresswoman Maria Angelica Amante-Matba together with Governor Dale Corvera hosted the Mamanwa Indigenous People (IP) Leaders Convention held at the Jabonga Gymnasium, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte.

The convention aimed to gather IP Leaders of Mamanwa together with the Provincial IP Mandatory Representatives (IPMRs) of Provincial Tribal Chieftains of CARAGA to discuss the development of IP individual community including the plan to promote peace and order inside the tribal community through declaring CNTs as Persona Non-Grata.

Various tribal leaders with members of their clan attended the convention from Agusan del Norte to Surigao del Norte (Mainit, Malimono, San Francisco, Surigao City) to conduct and witness the declaration of Persona Non-Grata. Also, the tribal leaders took the opportunity of the event to raise their concerns to the NCIP with regards to the titling of their ancestral lands, and the presence of armed movement that resides and exploits the IPs.

According to Datu Eddie “Bawang” Ampiyawan, “Unsa man ang insurhensiya, mao kanang kalihukang CPP-NPA-NDF kay inig naa ang kalihukan sa komunista diha sa atong yutang kabilin, ang tanan mawala. Mawala ang atong kultura, ang atong tradisyon, mawala ang atong panghiusa, ug mawala ang ug unsa man ang atong gihandum nga kalambuan ilabi na sa tabang sa local ug ridyunal na paggamhanan sa atong gobyerno. Pagwala ang atong paghuna-huna, atong yuta, pagwala ang atong yutang kabilin, mawala ang atong liderato. Pag anaa ang kalihukang CPP-NPA-NDF sa atong ancestral domain, ang tanan mawala una ana ang liderato kay bisag unsa ka pa nganlan ka pa sa imong mga sakop nga mao na among lider, mao kana si Datu, mao kana si Hawudon, Dakula o Datu masunod gyud kanunay ang Kumander. Sa saktong istorya, kung anaa ang CPP-NPA-NDF mawala ang tinood nga kahiusaan sa tribo, mawala ang tinood nga panaghiusa sa tribo.”

Atty. Marlon Bosantog said in his statatement,”Pag ayaw ng tribo sa insurgency, sa mga NPA walang NPA sa lugar natin, kung malakas ang boses ng isang organisasyon, malakas ang tribo. Tulungan ninyo kami. Tabangan ninyo kami sa issue ng insurgency. Hindi makapasok ang LGUs at LCEs, hindi makakapasok ang proyekto ng gobyerno dahil sa insurgency. Nasa inyo ang solusyon. Kayong mga elders ng ancestral domains, nasa inyo ang solusyon.” (If the tribe does not want insurgency, if the tribe does not want the NPAs, there will be no NPA wandering in our area, if the voice of the organization is strong, the tribe is strong. Help us. Help us with the issue of insurgency. LGUs and LCEs cannot enter, the government project will not be able to enter due to insurgency. You have the solution. You elders of ancestral domains, you have the solution.)

Congresswoman Angel Matba boldly said, “Mismo kita sa tribo sa Mamanwa naa gyud tay kagubot, wala tay kahiusa mao nay gamiton sa mga NPA. Angay gayud nga mausa ang tribo.Ang importante sa ako makita nako nga nagkahiusa mo, kusog mo.” (Even us in the Mamanwa tribe are in chaos, we have no unity and that is what the NPAs will use. The tribe must be united. What matters to me is to see that you are united, you are strong.)

Major Roger Gersava, Battalion Executive Officer of 29th Infantry Battalion also said, “Your concern is your protection, why not join us in protecting you. You can protect yourselves as you are protecting the community. We have quota for our CAAs, in this way you can protect yourselves aside from rejecting the NPA and pushing them out of your area by not supporting them.”



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