Makilala Incident Management Team


The Makilala Incident Management Team (MIMT) is in serious, fully inspired attitude concerning our responsible service to the people of Makilala. We are positioned towards safe, secure, friendly, peaceful, clean and healthy environment within our Identified Evacuation Centers (IECs) and outside our identified evacuation centers (OECs).

Makilala IMT systematically administers the improvement of the condition of our IECs. Lighting and electrifications, water rationing, health and sanitization and other necessary facilities and services are monitored daily to ensure that our IDPs are in good condition.

There are few operational issues raised in both IECs and OECs, but thankfully everything is manageable. We are encouraging the general public to openly raise the issues within your community through your barangay officials or camp managers. We are calling all local officials and donors for a proper coordination. Makilala IMT assures the public that every issue being raised are heard, investigated, verified, brought to council and will be resolved systematically.

As perpetually stated, we are fully committed on having Health and Wellness our top priority. The Rural Health Unit of Makilala in coordination with some concerned medical-related agencies/NGOs is in constant medical and dental operations to meet the medical needs of our community. Psycho-social and stress debriefing activity continues, food handling is constantly monitored and recreation activities were held successfully.

Sanitary-wise, our Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) is reliably doing their job in continuous garbage collection. We are monitoring the sanitary needs or issues on both IECs and OECs regularly. Makilala IMT is always ready to deploy our available resources to ensure that our ECs are clean, and free from any disease-causing elements.

Makilala Incident Management Team will continually serve Makilaleños responsibly and wholeheartedly. With cooperation from every sectors, Makilala will surely rise again. May God help us in our undertakings. God bless and protect Makilala! Kaya nato ni!