Joven Manggatawan – NPA Leader. Abandoned his family for the terrorist group, 3 of his children regret’s their father’s absence on their wedding day. 88IB tried to convince him to live a peaceful life with his family, but he threatened to kill the emissary. During the encounter last Saturday, he was wounded on his right arm. Abandoned by his comrades, army medics rushed to save him by putting a tourniquet. He expired after running out of blood. 88IB with Quezon LGU contacted his family and prepared a decent burial assistance. His wife and relatives are thankful of 88IB for paying respect to their love one.

Oliver Cabusog – NPA Element. Being the remaining single (unmarried) amongst his siblings, Oliver took charge of their farm owned by his father. During the same encounter last Sept 28, he cried for help after being hit on his left leg. Army Medics applied first aid and immobilized his legs by makeshift splint. He was tactically carried down from the mountains by our soldiers reaching Bukidnon Provincial Hospital – Maramag early dawn Sept 29 concious. His family was shocked upon learning he was wounded and with the NPAs. They said he is a very good son, the last time they met, Oliver said he is going to his mother’s side in Lagonglong, MisOr. They arrived in the hospital afterlunch, he was unconcious and unstable. Soldiers rushing in and out of hospital to buy medicines and other materials needed. One braved the rain, arriving back only learn Oliver expired at around 5PM. His sisters, brother and father saw all the effort and thanked our soldiers. On an interview, they advised the relatives of NPAs to convince them to come home before its too late.

Ang ating mga kasundaluhan ay mahigpit na sumusunod sa International Humanitarian Law (IHL) /Geneva Convention/Law of Armed Conflict na naglalayong maproteksyonan ang mga sibiyan, kasama na rito ang mga walang kakayahan lumaban gaya ng mga sugatan, maging kalaban man ito. Ang tawag dito ay principle of distinction.

Saklaw ng IHL ang mga NPA, kung kayat dinidisiplina at pinagmumulta ng CPP ang mga lider nilang napapatunayang lumapastangan sa IHL.

Sa mga nabangit na lugar, mayroong mga conflict dahil presensya ng mga NPA kung kayat IHL na masusunod na bahagi rin naman ng ating batas na R.A. 9851.