Kapatiran Battalion participates at Medical Mission in Balindong, Lanao del Sur


The 12th Civil-Military Operations Battalion provided the manpower in the medical mission for the MILF community at the Barangay Hall, Brgy Bubong Cadapaan, Balindong, Lanao del Sur, July 3, 2019.

Lieutenant Colonel Andres A Soriano along with the Officers of the 55th Infantry Battalion also discussed the conduct of a Youth Leadership Summit with Balindong Municipality Mayor Benjie Bagul.

The personnel of the 12CMOBn led by 1LT ROMEL M VICTORIANO (INF) PA and a team of Hijab Troopers catered to 132 individuals who availed the free services offered such as the following: free haircut service; free medical check-up; free dental check-up; free tooth extraction; distribution of free medicine; and free circumcision.

Other facilitators of the medical mission were: MAJ JAMES JULES LUMAYA, Troop Commander, 8LAC Mechanized Division, PA; 1LT LODWIN BILOZA, S7, 55IB, 1ID, PA; 1LT RALPH ANGELO BALDONADO, Alpha Coy Commander 55IB, 1ID, PA; FO3 NOROL BAYAN R MONER, Team leader, Balindong Fire Station; Balindong Municipality Mayor Benjamin Bagul; Municipal Health Officer Aida M Abadon; Monatao Macasindil RN, Provincial Health Officer RHU Balindong; and Brgy Bubong Cadapaan Chairperson Saliah A Abolais.