‘Kampilan’ Implements Carless Days


CAMP Siongco, Maguindanao – Maj. Gen. Juvymax R. Uy, the Commander of the 6th Infantry Division implemented carless days inside the Kampilan Headquarters effective September 2020.

The directive has been imposed after Maj. Gen. Uy assumed office as a part of his advocacy to promote good health and maintain an environmental friendly camp.

Cars and other vehicles are barred inside the camp every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm except during emergencies to mitigate climate change and promote walking among the officers and personnel of the division.

“Instead of using automobiles, all workers are encouraged to use bicycles for transport on those days. Ambulances, fire trucks, delivery trucks and military vehicles will be exempted from this rule”, said Maj. Gen. Uy.

This advocacy encourages the employees of 6th ID to walk instead of using vehicles which is a move to improve air quality. Environmental advocates lauded this effort of the new Commander.