Press ReleaseJoint Task Force Bicolandia Warns Bicolanos of NPAs' Diversionary Tactics and Disinformation
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Joint Task Force Bicolandia Warns Bicolanos of NPAs’ Diversionary Tactics and Disinformation

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur-The Joint Task Force (JTF) Bicolandia reminded the Bicolanos to be wary of the propaganda and fabricated stories the NPA rebel is spreading to divert the attention of the public about their recent violence and terrorism especially in Masbate.

After receiving massive public condemnations because of their terroristic attack in Masbate that killed Kieth Absalon and his cousin, the NPA is in panic mode especially that the incident exposed their true color: barbaric and inhuman.

Lost of other alibi and bombarded with criticisms, they resorted to their usual strategy, to discredit the authorities and malign the people by distorting the truth.

In a statement, the terrorist is claiming that the successful engagement in Barangay Anas last June 8 which killed three of their members and seized 16 high-powered firearms was not true adding that the casualties were just civilians and not armed NPA members.

However, investigation revealed that the casualties were Antonio Poligrates AKA Roman, secretary of Sangay ng Partido sa Lokalidad (SPL) and local finance officer of the New People’s Army (NPA); Ailyn Bulalacao and Ramon Brioso AKA Tay are both newly-recruited regular NPA members in their locality. The three, who were killed during the aforementioned encounter with the operating troops, were also identified by the Former Rebels (FRs) in Masbate as NPA members.

Major General Henry A Robinson Jr, Commander of JTF Bicolandia said that the AFP and PNP strongly adhere to the rules of engagements in consonance with the International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

He further emphasized that when cornered, NPA tends to abandon and deny their members killed in armed encounters and identify them as civilians.

“Obviously, they had a hard time coming up with an interesting plot twist that is why it took them two days after the legitimate encounter to release a statement full of lies and deceit. Tayo pa ang aakusahan nilang lumalabag sa IHL samantalang sila ang walang hiyang lumalabag nito noon pa. Sa mga nakaraang operasyon natin may mga nakuha na tayong uniform ng Army sa kanilang mga hideouts na ginagamit nila kapag nagpapanggap silang mga sundalo at naglulunsad ng kanilang mga krimen para linlangin ang mga tao. They are trying to get away from this mess kaya binabago nila ang istorya,” Major General Robinson added.

Thus, JTF Bicolandia called on the public to double check the information circulating in the social media so as not to be deceived by the NPA black propaganda.

It also pointed back the NPA to the main issue which is the deadly bombing that they recently admitted.

Moreover, JTFB lambasted the NPA for capitalizing on the emotions of the victims’ families as well as the relatives of the casualties in the armed encounter; adding salt into their wounds through disinformation.

Meanwhile, it once again assured the Bicolanos that together with the PNP, extensive joint operations will continue until all responsible for the terror acts are arrested to serve justice to the victims of NPA atrocities.

Finally, JTFB encouraged the remaining members of the terrorist group to abandon the NPA that has been using them for their own selfish interests which, for the past five decades, only resulted in a continuous bloodshed between Filipinos.

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