Improvised explosive device components recovered in Lanao del Norte

Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – September 30, 2022

While conducting security operations along the Tagoloan-Iligan City MSR, troops of the 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion intercepted a riding-in-tandem in Barangay Pugaan, Iligan City on September 28, 2022.

Based on the report from the ground, the rider immediately turned back and speeded away upon reaching the location of the troops. Operating troops promptly pursued the suspicious riding-in-tandem. While fleeing, the back rider threw his backpack as they continued to speed up and escape.

Reinforcing military personnel were able to inspect the backpack and found two cylindrical-shaped items fully wrapped with black electrical tape with wiring attached and one 9-volt wet cell battery believed to be components of an Improvised Explosive Device.

According to Joint Task Force ZamPeLan Commander, Brig. Gen. Antonio Nafarrete, their initial assessment was that the IED was intended to create havoc during the Diyandi Festival in Iligan City.

Lt. Gen. Alfredo Rosario, Jr. commended the troops for successfully thwarting the bomb plot of the malefactors.