HKJ-3 workers union celebrates Labor Day

Mawab, Compostella Valley – HKJ-3 Workers Union of Musahamat Farms celebrates Labor Day at the Municipal Covered Court, Kingking, Pantukan, Compsotela Valley Province on May 01, 2019.

HKJ-3 Workers Union was the former Musahamat Workers Labor Union whom left- leaning organization used for selfish gains and purpose. Their union funds were used by KMU and during the previous years, they were exploited and were obliged to attend mass demonstrations to raise petty issues against the government.

However, the disaffiliation of the group to the left-leaning organization led them to a more purposeful Labor Day Celebration. Instead of leading rallies and mass demonstration, they are now gathered for a one-day Basketball Competition.

One of the officers said that during previous years, all members of union are urged to attend mass demonstrations. Hence, they were exposed to the raging heat of the sun as they shout their clamor formulated by the left-leaning group. Nonetheless, on this day, he enjoyed a purposeful celebration that serves them what they deserve.

Moreover, as part of the celebration, to mark the end of their affiliation to NAFLU-KMU, the officers and board of directors of the newly-founded organization burned the previously used materials during the rally.

Indeed, a symbolic ceremony proclaiming disaffiliation and starting anew as HKJ-3 Workers Union. Lieutenant Colonel Ducusin, commanding officer of 71 st IB said, “And this is what Labor Day means, giving honor to labor forces. Labor Day is not a celebration for the left-leaning organization but to give recognition to the labor forces who works hard for the progress of our community.”

“Today marks a start. We will work hand-in-hand along with other government agencies for your union to be progressive,” Ducusin added.

In addition, grocery package were also given during the Labor Day Forces. Indeed, Kaibigan Battalion is always your partner for peace and development.