Guihulngan folks condemn CPP-NPA Terrorists


CAMP TIRAMBULO, Mckinley,Guihulngan City- Local folks from all walks of life, estimated at 400, staged another condemnation rally to show their extreme resentment against the CPP-NPA Terrorist today, at Sitio Cambairan, Barangay Trinidad, January 31.

While carrying their placards, the protesters, led by alias Ka Glen, denounced the killing rampage and other terroristic activities of the communist terrorist group in the area who victimizes innocent and defenseless civilians. The burning of two CPP-NPA flags highlighted the rally.

Also present during the activity to show their support were Mr. Gian Mijares, Guihulngan City Administrator; Engineer Giovanni Enabe, City DRRMO; Dr. Fontina Cruz from DOH; and Honorable Melbourne Bustamante, Trinidad Barangay Chairman of Trinidad. 

In his message, Bustamante urged his constituents to withdraw their support from the communist terrorist group who are actually the ones deceiving them and destroy the bright future of fellow Filipinos, especially the youth.

It can be recalled that hinterland residents of Guihulngan City also conducted condemnation rally against CPP-NPA Terrorists in Barangay Linantuyan last January 14, 2019 to express their disgust over the murder of CAA Gavia.

Based on military records, the CPP-NPA terrorists committed more or less 40 incidents of atrocities in Negros; mostly murder cases where majority of the victims were defenseless barangay officials and civilians.

Guihulngan local folks burned the CPP-NPA terrorist flags to show their disgust against the terrorist group during the condemnation rally at Sitio Cambairan, Baragay Trinidad on January 31, 2019.

Brig Gen Ignacio Madriaga, Army’s 302 nd Infantry (Achiever) Brigade commander, emphasized that “The series of condemnation rallies against CPP- NPA terrorists is a strong indication that the people are already fed up with the communist terrorist group. This is their way of showing that these communist terrorists are no longer welcome in their community. And these rallies are a clear sign that the claim of the CPP-NPA that the people support them is not true and is just another of their many lies.”

BGen Madriaga called on the people, especially those who suffered from the ruthlessness of the CPP-NPA terrorists, to stand against them and to join others who boldly denounce their brutality and crimes against humanity.