Government programs, military operations lure more CPP-NPA to go down, lay down firearms


The government’s sincere efforts to end the country’s insurgency problem through its whole of a nation approach that underscored enhanced programs on livelihood, remunerations for surrendered firearms, and relentless military operations are gaining grounds, attracting more CPP-NPA rebels to come down mostly in groups—further confirming their end is at hand.

The most recent was the surrender of three (3) NPA regulars and six (6) members of the Militia ng Bayan (MB) from San Mariano, Isabela who surrendered one   (1) M60 machine gun (Belgium), one (1) M16 rifles, 12 M16 rifles and numerous improvised explosive devices (IED) and IED components.

The  NPA regulars were identified as alias Papi,  alias Daryl, and alias Kolikot.  Alias Papi is a member of Sub-Guerilla Unit and Explosive Team Central Front, Komiteng Rehiyon-Cagayan Valley, and is from Sitio Dunoy, Dibuluan, a known mass base of Central Front, KR-CV.  He surrendered five M-16 rifles and numerous IED and its component. 

Alias Daryl, on the other hand, is a member of Sub-Guerilla Unit of Central Front and former platoon leader/squad leader of Regional Sentro de Grabidad (RSG), KR-CV, and is from Samar.  He was recruited at age of 13 in Samar and among the first batch of NPAs that was brought to Isabela to augment the rebels operating in the province in 2017.

Alias Kolikot, is a member of the Sub-Guerilla Unit of Central Front and former squad leader of RSG, KR-CV from Davao City.  He belongs to the last batch of CPP-NPA terrorists that was sent to Isabela in 2017.

The six (6) MB members were identified through their aliases as:  Bogart, commanding officer (CO); Lemy, CO; Dagger, squad leader; Rapi, Melvin, and Yam, members, all of Central Front, KR-Cagayan Valley.

The government has scored this major gain through the convergence of support from the main actors as well as the cooperation of the concerned barangay residents.  The local governments, on their part,   had just concluded their first phase of the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) which was put in place to address the issues concerning their communities that were being used by the CPP-NPAs for its anti-government campaigns.

Moreover, the deployment of Community Support Program (CSP) teams of the   Philippine Army and National Police, had destabilized existing clandestine government of the terrorist in the barangays, pushing them to abandon their weakening cause and ultimate surrender.

Noteworthy of all these developments is the overwhelming support from the communities to the military’s cause and the government’s efforts especially with the gains of the E-CLIP program,  that had turned the tide against the CPP-NPA. The families and friends of those who had gone astray,   had been enlightened  not only of the government’s serious intent to end the insurgency but more so to address their concerns on livelihood. 

Apparently, the CPP-NPA’s end is getting near.