Glock pistol of late Guihulngan COP PSup Arnel Arpon recovered from arrested NPA personalities in Guihulngan


CAMP GERONA, MURCIA, Negros Occidental – The Glock Pistol recovered from the possession of top NPA leader Adidas Acero y Kadusale was identified and verified by Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Investigation Team as the firearm owned by the late Chief of Police of Guihulngan City PSupt  Arnel Parpon who was murdered in an ambushed by NPA terrorist last July 2017. 

The one (1) unit Glock pistol with markings Made in USA, GLOCK INC. SMYRNA GA with serial number AAAN274 was recovered in the possession of Adidas Acero y Kadusale during the serving of Warrants for Violation of RA 10591 and RA 9516 during the joint AFP-PNP security operations at Brgy Buenavista, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental last September 20, 2020. Also arrested were eight other personalities including Nona Espinosa alias AVA/JELAY, the Front Secretary of Central Negros 1, KR-NCBS.

The firearm verification result was released yesterday, September 21, 2020 from Firearm Verification office of Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office, which revealed the Glock pistol with markings Made in USA, GLOCK INC. SMYRNA. GA with serial number AAAN274 was purchased personally and owned by the late PSUPT Arnel D Arpon, a resident of Brgy II,  Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental. It can be recalled that said Police Officer was the former Chief of Police of Guihulngan City and was one of the victims of the treacherous ambush by the terrorist NPAs.

The Late PSUPT Arnel D Arpon was killed along with his four other colleagues while responding to the call of duty when they responded to the reported shooting of Councilor Edison Dela Rita. They were waylaid and murdered by the terrorist NPAs in Barangay Magsaysay, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental last July 21, 2017. Aside from being murdered mercilessly, they were robbed of their firearms and personal belongings.  

With the identification of the firearm as legitimately owned by the late PSUPT ARPON, it could aggravate and bolster the case against the NPA leader Adidas Acero and Nona Espinosa including their cohorts that they were part of the NPA group who ruthlessly murdered and massacred the policemen led by PSUPT ARPON. The terrorist NPA can’t deny the truth with the identification of the firearm being owned by ARPON. A clear evidence that they were behind the bloody and murderous ambush.

The arrest of NPA leaders during the serving of Warrants of Arrest proves that the AFP together with its PNP counterpart is strictly adhering to the principles of Human Rights and IHL contrary to what is being portrayed by the sweet taking propagandist of the CPP-NPA-NDF. The arrested NPAs were turned-over to the custody of the PNP for the proper filing of charges and disposition. 

Colonel Inocencio Pasaporte, 303rd Infantry Brigade Commander said in his statement that, “Three years after the bloody massacre of the brave the PNP Officer and his men,  justice is well on its way and the terrorist NPAs led by Nona Espinosa and Adidas Acero will be made answerable for this heinous incident. As the Proverb saying goes, “The long arm of the Law is bound to catch you” and “justice will be serve to the victims. They should pay for all their evil acts especially in claiming the lives of a dedicated police officer and his men while serving their duty in securing the peace and safety of Guihulngan City, “Colonel Pasaporte added.