Five BIFF Members Surrender in Maguindanao

  • Five BIFF Members Surrender in Maguindanao 1
  • Five BIFF Members Surrender in Maguindanao 2
  • Five BIFF Members Surrender in Maguindanao 3
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Camp Siongco, Awang, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao — Five members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in 601st IBDE AOR laid down their arms and surrendered in Talitay, Maguindanao on July 17, 2019.

The BIFF members surrendered to 601st Brigade thru 90IB, 6ID at Headquarters 90IB, Brgy Midtimbang, Datu Anggal Midtimbang  Municipality and brought along with them 2 cal .30 Garand Rifles, one homemade 60mm mortar and ammunition, one RPG and ammunition and one cal .45 pistol.

The surrenderers were accompanied by Hon. Alan Sabal, Mayor of Talitay Municipality who was instrumental in the surrender of the BIFF members. The former BIFF members decided to go back to the folds of the law because of the hardships they experienced fighting the government and because of their desire to live normally as farmers and fishermen together with their families.

The LGU of Talitay distributed livelihood and housing assistance to the former BIFF members in order for them to start a new life and contribute to establishing peace as productive constituents of Talitay Municipality.

Col Jose H Narciso, 601st Brigade Commander, called on the remaining BIFF members to surrender and lay down their arms so that peace can be achieved in Mindanao and for them to be with their families.

Maj. Gen. Diosdado C Carreon, Commander 6ID said, “thru the active involvement and support of the LGU’s in the 6ID AOR, I am full of hope that the remaining BIFF members will lay down their arms and return to the folds of law so that the people of Maguindanao and the other areas under 6ID AO can live in peace and receive the benefits of the programs of the government without fear.”