Female NPA Victim of Organizational Purging in Bukidnon


MANOLO FORTICH, Bukidnon – July 16 – Search and retrieval operation of murdered female NPA was jointly conducted by the 1st SF Company, 1st Special Forces Battalion and PNP Pangantucan at Sitio San Martin, Brgy Adtuyon, Pangantucan, this province, yesterday at around 12:30 in the afternoon.

The joint operation was conducted immediately after the revelation of the recent surrender alyas BANDIDO that a certain Merlyn Hinganon Panta alyas GENEVIVE, Medic, SDG, GF68, NCMRC was murdered by its sub-leader CPP-NPA Terrorists last June 2018 and was buried in vicinity of Sitio San Martin, Brgy Adtuyon, Pangantucan, Bukindon.

Alyas GENEVIVE was murdered thru stabbing by a certain Jovelito Tonlacan Pontillas Jr alyas Zelong/Jovy/ CG/Tiga the Vice CO 1, Sub-Regional Operation Command, Sub-Regional Committee 4, NCMRC for having been suspected as a government spy, due to influx of surrenderees since early last year up to present.

The cadaver was successfully recovered and was immediately brought to Pangantucan funeral homes for investigation and proper disposition.

Alyas Bandido said after he revealed regarding the brutality killing among their ranks, “gigukod ako sa akong konsyensya, nga sugod atong nakita nako ang walay luoy nga pagpatay pinaagi sa pagdungab kay Genevive sa among kumander. Nga abi nila ahente sya sa sundalo kaya gipatay sya, nga ilang sulti nga trahidor kuno sa kalihukan. Bakak man nila to, sa tinuod lang buotan man kaayo si Genevive, nakita ko pa ang iyang paghilak sa pangayo nya ug tabang, nga wla man mi mahimo dahil sa kahadlok niadtong panahona. Kaya nakahuhuna ko nga magsurender na lang, magbalik sa sabakang gobyerno para makadawat pud ko sa programa ni Presidente Duterte nga daghan na tabang iyang gihatag sa tanang surrenderees nga ang uban nahimo nang sundalo.”

1st Special Forces Battalion Commander Lt Colonel Sergio Macarandan Jr said, “NPAs have not recovered yet from their paranoia of being spied since ’80s, they continued purging in their ranks to the suspected spies through intimidation, torture and death. “We are calling our fellow Filipinos to stop supporting CPP-NPA Terrorists, likewise recruitment must also be stopped especially minors and our lumad brothers who were just exploited to support their failed ideology.” he added.

403rd Brigade Commander Brigadier, General Edgardo de Leon said the NPAs are bound to self-destruct with their savagery and barbarism that are trademarks of a long-gone strategy of intimidation and coercion which is unacceptable in a civilized community. “The snowball of NPA surrenders is an indication of the failing communist ideology. NPA leaders are only obsessed by their greed for money and power at the expense of the poor masses who are deceived from their false promises of a better life.

The deceived masses are fighting and dying for their NPA commanders living like despotic kings in a luxurious and better lifestyle, far from inclusive equality promised by their communist masters”, De Leon added.

The NPA leaders must be held accountable. Justice must me served to all the victims on NPA killings as more witnesses come forward to testify against NPA leaders namely Jovelito Pontillas Jr, Lorna Micabalo and Dionisio Micabalo as masterminds.

Meanwhile, more NPA and Militia ng Bayan members return to the folds of law and avail the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program in the province of Bukidnon.


  1. Why can’t you stop the Kabataan partylist then? Obviously they were one of the many fronts that the communist party is using for recruitment and using the government money to finance their communistic cause..

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