IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon, October 22 – After two years of sufferings as NPA rebels, the surrendered NPA couple finally reunited with their children at the Headquarters 8th Infantry Battalion, Impasugong, Bukidnon, October 21, 2019.

Through the efforts of the 8th IB army troopers connecting to the families of the former rebels, @Nicole and @Robert were able to meet their two children and mother.

Nicole and Robert were former NPA members who just surrendered to the government on October 16 after realizing that they were just carried away by the lies exploited by the NPA terrorists for almost two years. In their rebel times, they were re-educated that the government forces are the worst enemy of their life and they will be killed if they plan to yield.

The rebels’ indoctrination became different when the couple was embraced by the government when they surrendered and were surprised when the soldiers arranged their family meeting. The teachings taught to them by the NPAs were all contrary to what has happened.

Ms. Marcela Umayon, 59, mother of @Nicole who acted as guardian of the children for two years shared the things the children have undergone when they were away from their parents, “the two boys who are 8 and 9 years old then are constantly crying looking for their parents, they can’t eat, can’t go to school, I can’t handle their sadness because they are much affected to what had happened.”

Likewise, Nicole feeling the cuddle of her children manifested her regret for joining the armed group as she shed her tears and recognized the soldiers for the incredible favor, “Thank you very much, I didn’t expect this thing to happen, the army accept us and help us see our family, we were charmed by the indoctrination of the NPA that soldiers are terrible while in fact, they are not.”

The army’s 8th Infantry Battalion will continue to help those insurgents who want to return to the folds of the law and ready to adopt a new environment with the government. Nicole and Robert were among those who were given a chance to be with their family.

The couple and family will be assisted by the Local government unit and they will be included in the government Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program- a program of the Philippine government intended for the former rebels to assist them in a fresh start of their life.