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Davao del Norte welcomes another set of disgruntled NPA members, pledges a brighter future ahead


MAWAB, DAVAO DE ORO – Another set of former rebels composed of 13 regular Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) and six (6) NPAs to the barrios together with their seven (7) high-powered firearms were presented by the 10th Infantry Agila Division to Governor Edwin I Jubahib of Davao Del Norte during the media conference conducted via video-teleconferencing at DavNor’s Palace yesterday afternoon, November 22, 2021.

The said former rebels were identified to be members of the Sub-Regional Guerilla Unit of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee who surrendered at Sitio Pongpong, Barangay Dagohoy, Talaingod, Davao Del Norte through the combined efforts of 56IB, 3IB, 27IB, 89IB, and other Intelligence units all under the 1003rd Infantry Raptor Brigade on Monday morning, November 22.

Likewise, the regular CNTs were identified as Eloy Bontolan alias Eloy, Vice Political Officer; Lita Ehem alias Maya, Secretariat for Medical; Emil Bontolan alias Admiral, Team Leader of Platoon Basil; Anggil Banlas alias Dante, Political Instructor of Platoon Basil; Jeysin Tibalao alias JM, Team Leader of Platoon Basil; Manuel Mantikinon alias Kardo, Team Leader of Platoon Andoy; Merlyn Bontolan alias Aya, Member of Platoon Andoy; Angeline Balite alias Angeline, Member of Platoon Andoy; Piyot Ehem alias Piyot, Member of Platoon Andoy; Diboy Mantoaw alias Talolong, Member of Platoon Andoy; Aiza Bontolan alias Sky, Member of Platoon Andoy; Dante Tumagsa, Member of Platoon Andoy; and Raya Tumagsa, Member of Platoon Andoy. The 6 NPAs to the barrio were also identified as Boni Bontolan, Gambil Bontolan, Ambog Landahay, Jimmy Mantikinon, Boboy Anlagpang, and Gibang Gamo. Moreover, they brought along with them seven (7) high-powered firearms composed of six (6) M16 and one (1) M14 rifle.

According to Colonel Yecla, the surrender of these former rebels was due to hunger, fatigue, and stress caused by the sustained Focus Military Operations. He also attributed this surrender to Project “PANPAN,” an ongoing road opening initiated by the Indigenous Peoples in Talaingod in partnership with the Davao Del Norte and Talaingod LGUs and of the 1003rd Infantry Brigade.

“I feel happy and thankful because you understand that the focus of our government now is the unity of the people. There should be no more violence especially in Talaingod and in our province. I don’t want that there’s still NPA roaming around in our province and there’s still violence that will take away lives of our Indigenous Peoples.” Governor Jubahib said in vernacular.

Moreover, Governor Jubahib ensures that the benefits of the surrendered rebels will be given to them. He also pledged to support the education and other needs of the surrenderers’ families.

“I am happy because we are finally here (referring to numerous surrenderees in Talaingod). I hope that we continue our commitment to peace and development in Talaingod. We are here for your safety, your military will work with you to the best of our abilities. Also, other agencies of the government are here with us to continuously deliver the services that you need, to attain progress and so that no one will suffer.” MGen Torres said in filipino.

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