CPP-NPA Terrorist unwelcome in San Carlos City

SAGAY CITY, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL- Lieutenant Colonel Emelito Thaddeus M Logan, the Commanding Officer of the 79th IB, 3ID, Philippine Army, highly appreciated the City of San Carlos, Negros Occidental for their approved resolution denouncing the atrocities perpetuated by the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTG’s) in the country and not to allow their presence in San Carlos City.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod passed and approved the Resolution No. 19-139 during their regular session last May 30, 2019, held at the SP Session Hall.

Its resolution cited that there were no reports of the CTG atrocities within the city and the people strongly desired the situation be maintained.

LTC Logan stressed that, “the Local Government of San Carlos City, have been aware about the deceptions and atrocities of CPP-NPA Terrorist and its negative effect on peace and order and the normal lives of its residents. Through our conduct of Community Support Programs (CSP) which were previously augmented in some of its
barangays have accomplished counter-insurgency operations that positively promotespeace and order. We neutralized the affected barangays and local folks of San Carlos City through the support of LGU San Carlos City and different stakeholders since March this year. The citation of its resolution that there were no reports of CTG trocities, was the result of our successful CSP operations. Thus, the people will not allow thepresence of the CTGs anymore and strongly desires that the peace and order of the city will be maintained”.

“I urge, local officials in other cities and municipalities to do same preventive actions as what the San Carlos City’s did against the CTGs. This will be a significant initiative in preventing and countering violence of the CPP-NPA Terrorist’s, its deception, recruitment and recovery efforts to its formerly organized areas and communities”.

“The series encounters of the 79th IB against the CTGs/CNTs in So. Puting Tubig, Brgy Minautok on May 15 and So. Banwa Minatay, Brgy Marcelo on May 17, all of Calatrava municipality and So Fuentes, Brgy Mabini, Escalante City on May 21, provided a huge realization for the local government officials and the Negrense people that Insurgency
could only disrupts the development and their normal and peaceful lives. This prompted them to end their support voluntarily to communist terrorists, refused their presence from now on and wanted to declare the CPP-NPA as persona non grata”, LTC Logan added.