CAMP EVANGELISTA, Cagayan de Oro City – In the mid of Christmas celebration, another 491 NPA regulars, Militia ng Bayan (MB) and Underground Mass Organization (UGMO) members heed the call of ending insurgency by abandoning their belief in armed struggle as they embrace a peaceful life through massive surrender to the Community Support Teams of the Army units in CARAGA from December 10-15 this year.

Around 122 CNT members and supporters surrendered to 29IB on December 10, 2019, while 123 CNT members and supporters surrendered to 36IB on December 14, 2019 and just recently on December 15, 2019, another 246 CNT members and supporters surrendered to 30IB.

The recent batches of surrenderees are composed of 43 NPA regulars, 43 MB and 405 UGMO members. They (surrenderees) will undergo the normal process of custodial debriefing for proper documentation and to further validate if they are qualified to avail the E-CLIP benefits and other government intervention intended for the former rebels and militia ng bayan.

This accomplishment is attributed to the effort of the LGUs, Local Task Force-ELCAC and the communities in declaring CNTs and their mass organizations as Persona Non-Grata (PNG).

Alyas David, 29yrs, former NPA team leader from Brgy Gigaquit Surigao del Norte said, “I felt dismayed and full of regret in joining the NPA, for 3yrs my life was wasted. I was blinded by their false promises, that they (NPA) will give one sack of rice and P2,000 monthly to my family. I got wounded during an encounter with the Army. After realizing the futility of the armed struggle, I decided to surrender and returned to my family to live peacefully.”

Hon. Alexander “Ayec” Pimentel, governor of Surigao del Sur and RPOC 13 Chairperson has commended the people and agencies behind the success of EO70. “The RTF-ELCAC members, LGUs and the 4ID, Philippine Army have done a commendable job in ensuring peace and development in Caraga. I commend your utmost dedication PARA SA BAYAN. It is what we and the country need, a true and selfless public service. We must continue to converge all our efforts to address the root causes of insurgency”.

Meanwhile, MGen Franco Nemesio Gacal, the Commander of 4ID, commends the army units in Caraga for another laudable accomplishments. He said the Army is committed to end local communist armed conflict.