FORT BONIFACIO, Taguig City – The CMO school Change of Command Ceremony was held today, February 18, at the CMOS Classroom, CMOR, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, as the school leadership was passed on from Major Arbern Rommel D Abiva to Major Jeffrex G Molina. Colonel Facundo O. Palafox IV, CMO Regiment Commander, presided the turnover.

The outgoing Commandant, Major Abiva thanked the Regiment and the CMOS personnel for supporting him during his commandership of the school. He said that all accomplishments and successess of the school in terms of logistics, administration , and operations under his term were all due to the collective efforts manifested in teamwork.

In his assumption speech, Major Molina also thanked the Regiment for the trust and confidence given to him in leading the CMOS. He endeavors to continue making the CMO School an institution that is worthy of pride because of professionalism and quality of delivery of objectives. He emphasized that, “we can make things happen. I undertake the task of leading you toward the quest for greater glory. Through unity and teamwork, with the guidance of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we will triumph over every obstacle that will come our way.”

In his message Colonel Palafox referenced the passing of the baton of leadership to two perspectives. First, to that of a band leader or a symphony conductor who uses the baton to direct the musicians to produce music. In the same manner, leaders are instructed to provide direction toward accomplishing the mission. Second, the baton is used during a sports relay where runners need to pass the baton and run as a team to win. This, the Regiment Commander said, is what the organization is about – teamwork.

The presiding officer congratulated Major Abiva for a job well-done. He commended the latter’s display of steadfast commitment and for portraying a genuine leader and a true blooded army educator. He also thanked the outgoing commandant for bringing out the potentials and capabilities of the CMO School. He then welcomed Major Molina and was confident that the new commandant will do his best, especially in these times when the security environment of the country is rapidly- evolving. This thus spells a bigger expectation from the Regiment and from the school.


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