Chainsmoking soldier bags silver in 505km Ultramarathon


CAMP CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal – A 44-year-old former chainsmoking soldier bested three other runners when he finished the second edition of the 5-day 505-kilometer Naga to Quezon City Ultramarathon last November 5.

Technical Sergeant Edgar Miras of the 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division was one of the only five finishers out of the 10 runners who registered and qualified in the annual race.

According to the organizers, TSg Miras finished the race in 117 hours, 30 mins and 10 seconds which is around 11 hours faster than the minimum allowable time to complete the marathon.

Tsg Miras’ time this year is a personal record after besting by around 8 hours his last year’s performance.

He said that his motivation and inspiration to accomplish such remarkable feat is “to show the Filipino people whom we have sworn to serve their soldiers’ high state of readiness to serve our people and secure the Filipinos’ homeland.”

Per conservative estimate, the chainsmoking marathoner has already approximately logged 62,521 kilometres of road work which is equivalent to more or less 125 million steps or 1 ½ laps around the globe.

Those are extraordinary numbers tucked under the belt of someone who has smoked around 19,000 packs of cigarettes in just a little less than two decades.

Major General Arnulfo Marcelo Jr, Commander of 2ID, praised TSg Miras saying that “he embodies every Jungle Fighters’ commitment to duty and readiness to respond to the ever changing needs of the operational environment.”

He ended his statement by calling on every soldier under his command to lead a healthy and active lifestyle like TSg Miras.

“His feat is a tangible proof that your soldiers are willing to face adversities and enormous challenges no matter how hard they are just to accomplish a given task, foremost among which is to serve the Filipino people whoever, wherever, whenever or whatever that threat may be”, said MGen Burgos.

The 505-kilometer Naga to Quezon City Ultramarathon is considered as one of the toughest races being held across the country because of the punishing and treacherous terrains that runners have to deal with coupled with the unpredictable and unorthodox weather conditions that they have to face as they traverse Southern Luzon.