TALACOGON, Agusan del Sur – A member of Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit was brutally killed by the terrorists communists NPAs while participating in Brigada Eskwela Program at the hinter barangay of Lydia in the Municipality of La Paz, May 30, 2019.

The CAFGU Active Auxiliary was identified as Felipe Amado, 42 years old and a Manobo resident of Barangay Lydia, who was off-duty and participating in an on-going Brigada Eskwela activity of Lydia Elementary School when he was murdered by five terrorists NPAs in a remote portion of Comota – Lydia barangay road, at about 3 in the afternoon yesterday.

According to alias Dindo, they were on-board two motorcycles going back to the barangay after getting nipa leaves for the construction of a temporary classroom, when they were flagged-down by five armed men, who they identified as NPAs based on their uniforms, along the remote area of the barangay road, three kilometers away from the barangay proper.

“Pag-menor namo sa tulay, kalit ra nitunga ang lima ka armadong NPA, gitutukan mi ug AK47, M16 ug M14, sabay singgit nga “Walay maglihok, si Iping ra ang tuyo!” Mao tong nakagadan si Iping human ilang gi-istraping. Naigo siya sa tiil, giduolan dayun, human gipabuthan pa siya ug duha ka beses sa iyang hawak ug ilok pagtiwas. Gigapos mi nakadapa. Giluba pa gyud nila si Iping sa gilid sa tiyan human gibalian ug liog. Gipanitan pa jud iyang bukton,” as Dindo recalled the massacre. (“Five armed NPAs suddenly appeared at the bridge, where they aimed their AK47, M16 and M14 at us while shouting “Don’t move, we only want Iping!” That’s why he ran away quickly where he was shot continuously. He was first hit on his foot, after which the terrorists finished him with another two rounds on his waist and armpit, while we were tied facing down. They also stabbed him on his belly and worst, they broke his neck and skinned his left arm.”)

“We strongly condemn this brutal acts of the NPAs. This treacherous act is a very clear violation of International Humanitarian Law. This only proved that these communists NPAs are truly evil-minded terrorist criminals whose intents are only to sow terror and kill helpless innocent civilians!” according to Lieutenant Colonel Romeo C Jimenea, Commanding Officer of 26th Infantry Battalion.

It can be recalled that terrorist NPAs also claimed the killings of a barangay captain and another civilian in San Luis, Agusan del Sur last March 6, 2019, stating that civilians were legitimate targets of the terrorist NPAs upon the verdict of their leaders.

His wife Lotti, expressed her anger to the NPAs, “I will never forgive them for murdering my husband. He did nothing wrong against anyone. Why did they brutally kill him, is this how they protect the poor? We have five children to feed, and I now I don’t know how to make them live.”

As of this time, the 26thIB is already conducting pursuit operation in the area against the fleeing terrorist NPAs, while the cadaver was already brought to his residence.

Colonel Allan D Hambala, 401st Brigade Commander expressed his condolence to the family of CAA Amado, “We deeply mourn for his tragic death. We will seek for justice in behalf of his family and we’ll provide all necessary assistance due for them. This should be a clear eye-opener to everyone that these terrorist NPAs are just plain criminals and murderers, so stop supporting them in any ways!”

“To KARAPATAN, we are once again calling your attention to act accordingly and investigate the series of human rights abuses committed by these terrorist NPAs in my area, this is what you’re fighting for, so act now!” Colonel Hambala concluded.