MAGPET, North Cotabato – Various Underground Mass Organizations in 901st Infantry Brigade area (Second District of North Cotabato excluding Municipality of Makilala) cut their support to the CPP NPA Terorists (CNTs) after most of their members dissociated and pledge their allegiance back to the government.

Just this year the brigade already recorded a total of 20 regular members of NPA and 553 members of Underground Mass Organization (UGMO) through the combined efforts of the Brigade’s Operational control battalions, 19th Infantry Battalion and 72nd Infantry Battalion. Among the 553 UGMO members, 131 of which are from Kidapawan City, 89 from Magpet and 333 from President Roxas all of North Cotabato.

According to NPA regulars, they surrender after knowing that they were only deceived by the CNT’s promises of a better life. Also, they said that their lives inside the organization were difficult and dangerous with no enough rest and food while seeing their commanders living in a comfortable lifestyle.

“The purpose of the communist’s organizers and front organization is to agitate the people using false and fabricated issues against the government and then organize them to participate in the protest/rally, create chaos and destroy the system of governance. CNTs in our country are always against the efforts of government in bringing peace and progress in the communities. Organizing the UGMO in the communities is part of the CNT’s scheme in carrying out their terroristic objectives and agenda,” Colonel Gabriel C Viray III, Commander, 901st Brigade explained.

“These UGMOs serves as their core group for mass rallies and protests, logistical support, and source of recruits for the armed group hence it’s a good effort that they are starting to surrender and are now ready to cooperate with the government,” he added.

Colonel Viray III, gives his message and advice the troops to continue reaching out to these groups to effectively address the armed struggle and someday achieve peace in North Cotabato.