CAMP MONTELIBANO, Bacolod City – The alleged offices of the militant groups raided last week by the joint elements of Philippine Army and Philippine National Police in Bacolod City are actually ‘underground houses’ or UG Houses of the CPP-NPA Terrorist.

This was disclosed by BGen Eric Vinoya, the Commander of the Joint Task Force Negros (JTF Negros) as refutation to the claims of the MAKABAYAN Bloc that those are legal offices of the progressive groups.

BGen Vinoya said the CPP-NPA-Terrorist and its allies claimed that those are legal offices only after the raids apparently for propaganda purposes and to obtain public sympathy here and abroad.

“They’re quick to claim that those are legal offices, but how come they’re not even registered in the host barangay? And, why is that they don’t have barangay or office permits? The alleged offices also do not have the usual signage like most business establishments and NGO offices usually have. Their addresses cannot also be found in directories and online searches. Obviously they are hiding their true identity,” BGen Vinoya emphasized.

Vinoya stressed “The UG Houses are closed most of the time for these are the places where communist-terrorists hide their weapons and wounded comrades. Evident to this is the arrest of their front leaders and members and capture of several firearms and ammunition and the rescue of those newly-recruit minors during the simultaneous search and seizure operation last October 31”.

Earlier, Eldy Escobar, the Secretary of Barangay Bata in the said city confirmed the reports that the communist-terrorist group is actively engaged in fund solicitation activities in their community. She revealed that a certain Baby Badayos from the UG house in Ilang-Ilang Street had been asking for money and supplies from the barangay. Escobar also told the authorities that despite the absence of a barangay permit or office registration, Badayos’ group is still holding an office in the area.

For his part, MGen Roberto Ancan, the newly-installed Commander of the AFP’s Central Command slammed the CPP-NPA Terrorist for accusing the Armed Forces of the Philippines and PNP of violating human rights following the said anti-insurgency operation.

“Human rights are for everybody and not exclusive to the NPAs who are guilty of HR violations and crimes for killing retired military and police, for killing barangay officials and civilians helping the AFP, PNP, and CAFGUs in the anti-insurgency campaign,” said MGen Ancan.

“The NPA also hit back at businessmen who refuse to give in to their extortion demand. So, what human rights are they talking about? What legal organization offices are they talking about?” he stressed.

On Monday, November 04, Criminal charges were filed by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) before the City Prosecutor’s Office against the 42 arrested CPP-NPA Terrorist front leaders and members. 40 of these individuals were arrested from the UG houses in Bacolod City last October 31 while the remaining two personalities were captured in Escalante City on November 01