Authorities in full control of situation amid explosions in Central Mindanao


CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Government troops of JTFC and 6ID responded to series of explosions and IED attacks in various places of Central Mindanao on 22 December 2019.

A grenade exploded along Sinsuat avenue near the NDBC and DXMS radio station at around 6:00 pm. The grenade was thrown towards a military vehicle ferrying troops of the 6ID. Wounded in the explosion were 8 soldiers of the Division Recon Company augmented to TF Cotabato for security purposes in Cotabato City. Four civilians were also reportedly wounded during the explosion.

A suspected IED was also discovered in a vehicle during the security cordon near the explosion site. EOD personnel immediately disrupted the IED and recovered the explosive for proper disposition.

Another explosion occured around 6:35 pm at Poblacion, Libungan Municipality, North Cotabato which resulted in the wounding of five civilians. Troops of 34IB under 602IBDE immediately responded and cordoned the explosion site. It was during this security cordon of the troops that another explosion near the first explosion occured. No one was hurt during the second explosion. Fragments of mortar rounds were recovered by the EOD team while inspecting the explosion site.

Another explosion rocked the town of North Upi at around 8:50pm from a suspected IED which injured a civilian and caused damage to properties. Troops of the 6IB, 603IBDE immediately responded and cordoned the area while responding EOD teams secured the explosion site for possible improvised explosive devices planted in the nearby areas.

“The JTFC and 6ID together with the PNP and the LGU of Cotabato City, Libungan and North Upi are on top of the situation and are closely working together with the LGU’s of the concerned city and municipalities in extending help to the wounded during the incidents. We will not waver in our efforts to continue our mandated duty to protect the lives and properties of the residents of Cotabato City and Central Mindanao. Rest assured that the JTFC and 6ID will double our efforts to bring about security especially in these holiday season.” said MGen Diosdado C Carreon, 6ID and JTFC Commander.