ASG members surrender to soldiers for another chance at life

The Joint Intelligence and Civil Miltary Operations efforts of 9FAB, AAR and 45IB, 5ID, which are both component units of 1st Brigade Combat Team, PA led to the surrender of two (2) Abu-Sayyaf members namely, Alhadi Abdulgani (@LADI INGOG) and Nassae Pasihul (@Jelam, @Nash) under Abu Sayyaf leader Radullan Sahiron on 03 July 2020.

They also surrendered two (2) firearms, one (1) M16A1 rifle and one (1) M1 Garand rifle.

Alhadi Abdulgani was convinced by his mother-in-law to surrender for the reason that among the seven (7) siblings who are all members of the ASG, he is the only one left alive. His other siblings, including his father, were killed during previous encounters.

Alhadi Abdulgani also shared that he was the brother of the Ajang-Ajang subleader, Suraka Ingog, who was responsible for the Jolo Cathedral Bombing on 28 January 2019.

He also confessed that when he surrendered to the government forces, he finally had the chance to see his daughter for the first time. He believes that if he reforms his ways, he’ll be able make things right with his daughter, make up for the lost time, and try to be the best father to her.