BALER, Aurora – Based on Section 63 of RA 7077, for the purpose of helping maintain local peace and order, meeting local insurgency threat, assisting in rescue and relief operations during disasters and calamities, health welfare activities and participating in local socio-economic development, the reservist volunteers can be utilized through Civil and Military Auxiliary Services.

With this, the 91st Infantry (SINAGTALA) Battalion, 7ID, PA in coordination with 307CDC, 3RCDG, ARESCOM conducted orientation briefing and send-off ceremony to three (3) reservist officers and twenty-six (26) reservist enlisted personnel headed by MAJ ELEANOR M PRADO (RES) PA, Battalion Commander, 307th RRIBn at Hqs 91IB, 7ID, PA BrgyCalabuanan, Baler, Aurora on 21 March 2020.

1LT BETHOVEN B CABANLIT (INF) PA, Bn S3 briefed the reservists on the Executive Orders (EO) being issued by Aurora acting Governor Hon Christian M Noveras, higher Headquarter’s guidelines on interagency task force (IATF), and the current efforts of the unit.

Likewise, LTC REANDREW P RUBIO INF (GSC) PA, Acting Commanding Officer of 91IB also gave guidance on the utilization of reservists and current situation.

After the orientation briefing, a send-off ceremony was followed presided by LTC RUBIO at the basketball court of SINAGTALA Bn and witnessed by available SINAGTALA troopers.

“I am very grateful and appreciated your spirit of voluntarism and willingness to support the LGUs, DOH, and other front liners in this province fighting the unseen enemy,” LTC RUBIO said.

He added that it is high time that the services of reservists are indeed a must nowadays. On the other hand, COL ANDREW D COSTELO INF (GSC) PA, Commander 703rd Infantry Brigade, 7ID, PA appreciated the efforts of 91IB for tapping the reservists.

“The participation and utilization of our reservist are significant in this period of time because they are part of our force multipliers,” COSTELO said.