Army treated wounded NPA rebel, dies in hospital

Bancasi, Butuan City – Soldiers from the 36th Infantry Battalion treated a wounded NPA Rebel after a clash transpired against more or less ten (10) CPP-NPA Terrorists in Brgy Cancavan, Carmen, Surigao del Sur yesterday afternoon, Sunday, May 19, 2019.

The wounded NPA rebel who was cowardly left by his comrades after a fifteen (15) minute running gun battle against government troops was initially identified as a certain Gealan P Jimenez alias Jareb, 24 yrs old and a resident of Brgy Adlay, Carrascal of same province but his parents corrected his identity as Dylan Ghem Padilla Jimenez, 18yrs old and left his family last October 2018 when he was still 17 yrs old.

Dylan was given first aid treatment to preserve his life after troops who scoured and cleared the area found him still alive and even revealed his false identity. In the hope to save his life, around 06:15 in the evening, troops successfully extricated the wounded CNT along with his three (3) dead comrades and was rushed immediately to Madrid District Hospital in the municipality of Madrid of same province but unfortunately he was pronounce Dead On Arrival by the attending physician, Dr Mary Michelle Paganpan.

The death of Dylan is another story of recruitment of MINORS of the CNTs who prey on their innocence and weaknesses and a clear violation of the International Humanitarian Law. Dylan could have been someone in the society someday if the CNTs spared him from the life of violence and let him be educated in schools. Said encounter resulted to four (4) CNTs dead, recovery of three (3) AK47 rifles, two (2) M16 Rifles, two (2) long magazines for M16, three (3) cellular phones, assorted ammunitions and subversive documents.

It can be recalled that 36IB Valor Troopers also treated a wounded NPA rebel named Jernel Regulada, alias Alfred, then 17 yrs old, after his comrades helplessly left him behind and scampered for their own lives after a brief firefight in Brgy Tubo-tubo, Cagwait, Suirago del Sur last July 2016.

In his statement, Col Maurito L Licudine, Commander of 402nd Infantry Brigade said, “We offer our sincerest condolences to the families of the dead NPA rebels. Our troops have done their best to save Dylan’s life yesterday but he expired upon arrival in the hospital. It is tragic that they have taken arms against our government because we know that only through peace can development and social justice can be attained. We shall perform our mandate to protect communities and confront those that threatened the well-being and safety of the people. Let this be a reminder to those who sow terror that arms of justice will catch them”.

“The NPA leadership must be made accountable for IHL violation of recruiting and involving minors in the armed atrocities against the government. Appropriate complaint or charges will be filed against the NPA for this utter disregard on the life of the minor. We call on the CHR and other concerned agencies to condemn this irresponsible acts of the NPA. Once again, we urge the remaining CNTs to surrender, armed violence and fighting will not solve our problems. Let us talk peace and development for our people. Take advantage of the government’s reintegration program, the E-CLIP, as an opportunity to go back to your families and live a peaceful life”, Col Licudine added.

Remains of the four (4) killed CNTs were brought to Mata Funeral Services at Cantilan, Surigao del Sur for Postmortem examination.