Army General Refutes Karapatan Claims in Mindoro


BANSUD, Oriental Mindoro –The statement of Karapatan – Southern Tagalog that they were harassed by the PNP and Military in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro is not true.

According to Brigadier General Marceliano Teofilo, Commanding Officer of 203rd Infantry Brigade, who has jurisdiction over Mindoro Island, there is no such thing as harassment on the members of Karapatan – ST headed by its Paralegal Team Ms Nievefe Numeron and Pastora Gleofe Balontong of Methodist Church in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro. 

“All we ask is that legal procedures will be observed such as making sure that the remains will be claimed by their relatives. The statement of Karapatan puts malice on the efforts of the PNP and the Army who has been the partners of the LGU in protecting our fellow Mindoreños from CPP-NPA atrocities. Surprisingly, they are so quick to cry out harassment from the government forces yet no condemnation of any of the terroristic actions of the CPP-NPAs in Mindoro”, BGen Teofilo added.

The Karapatan members went to Mansalay days after the successful encounter of joint PNP and Military against CPP-NPA wherein three (3) NPA terrorists were killed and capturing five (5) high powered firearms, two (2) improvised explosive device (IED), live ammunitions and other subversive materials last 13 June 2019.

BGen Teofilo assures every Mindoreños that their Army will continue to defend them from this NPA terrorists, protecting them from harm and ensuring that their human rights will not be violated. 

He also urge Karapatan and NUPL to condemn the killings made by the NPA to Mr Jose Barera of San Jose, Mr Kenndy Dam-in Aquino of Rizal, both of Occidental Mindoro and Mr Jun-jun Ysog of Panaytayan, Mansalay. Help their families to achieve justice and show to the people of Mindoro that Karapatan and their allies are for peace and protection of the real victims of CPP-NPA atrocities.

Further, BGen Teofilo wanted to convey a message to them not to waste their lives being activists and being members of progressive bloc of the CPP-NPA. They are not threatened because they are members of Karapatan or NUPL, but as they carry weapons to destroy our people and disrupt the peace, they will definitely meet their end trying to engage in armed conflict with our Army Peace Operators.