Army connects Matteo Guidicelli to IP students in Bukidnon


IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon, August 31- 2LT Matteo Guidicelli(Res) talks to 198 students during the Anti-Insurgency Symposium of the Luyungan IP High School, the only IP school in Southeast Asia at Nasuli, Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, yesterday.

After delivering lectures on the schemes of NPAs in recruiting students, Ms. Agnes Reano, the former NPA commander, and the resource speaker together with the 8th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army tried to get the attention of the actor and Army Reserve Matteo Guidicelli through a phone call. The call was requested by the students and faculty staff seeking assistance to improve their school. Luckily, Mr. Guidicelli answered the call, gave his greetings, message and answered queries regarding what possible assistance he can arrange for the improvement of the school.

Guidicelli started with his greeting, “Maayung Buntag ka ninyo tanan!!” followed by loud cheers of the students. The Army troopers explained to him that the school is in need of improvement and asked what possible assistance he can give “i-arrange po natin dito sa Manila pagdating ni Ms. Agnes sa madaling Panahon”. He was then informed that the said IP School is always open for him to visit. “Salamat kaau unta makabisita ku diha, ug ayu ayu mu tanan” He ended.

Ms. Agnes Reano, Ms. Joy Molina, an active stakeholder, and Army troopers donated an amount of Php 6,400.00 intended for the purchase of Herbicide to be used in cleaning the 2-hectare garden they are cultivating instead of students to cut grasses. The 2 acres of land is where the students get their additional food.

Mr. Edsel Quemado, the school head cheerfully thanked the military troops and stakeholders who joined the symposium, “My gratitude to our military troops, former rebels, and stakeholders who made our students happy today.” He also announced the status of his students “We have 198 students living inside the school, they are composed of seven tribes, Higaonon, Talaandig, Bukidnon, Umayamnon, Matigsalog, Tigwahanon, and Manobo and some had to stop coming due to lack of food and money, but I know we can overcome this especially that our students heard the testimonies of the former rebels.” He added.

The school is in need of Hall improvement, computer sets, separate water systems for their barracks (men and women), and knowledge in growing agricultural products. The students also are good at making necklaces and that they are in need of beads (red, black, yellow, and white colors). The school caters 198 students day and night making the electricity bill high, unlike other schools that operate only in the daylight. Your Philippine Army is trying to connect the school to all concerned People’s Organizations hoping that the remaining students will be supported until they finish their studies.